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GreenfinityTM Solar Charger for Ubiquitous Applications
xxxxxx, xxxx, xxx, M. Akhtaruzzaman & Nowshad Amin
GreenfinityTM is a portable solar charger that takes the advantage of the ever-free sunlight to charge
mobile phones and small electronic appliances/batteries. This portable solar charger has several advantages,
such as it can directly charge up to two mobile phones at once and any rechargeable batteries below 6 Volt
to light up lamps at night. It will take around one hour to fully-charge a phone and one can regain around 10%
of the battery life generally by charging it for ten minutes. Moreover, it can float with a simple structure
as option to be used during disastrous events like floods for basic needs.
Basic Structure
•The charger’s solar panel is a 5Wp single/poly crystalline silicon
solar panel with a portable size of 21 cm x 30cm (A4 size).
•There are holes on the panel frame to provide hooking
capability to place the solar panel to the nearest window
•The charger is built in such a way that it provides flexibility in
changing different phones charger connector, such as Nokia
connector, mini- USB connector and Sony-Ericsson connector.
Maximum Power (PMP)
5W (+- 3%)
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
11.7 V DC
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
0.58 A
Voltage at Max. Power (VMP)
9.7 V DC
Current at Max. Power (IMP)
0.52 A
Maximum System Voltage
1000 V DC
Powered measured at STC
Irradiation 1000W/m2, AM 1.5,
Cell temperature 25 0C
Easy charging & Trouble Shooting
Charging Method:
• Put the panel in places that receive direct sunlight. Select
any of the provided mobile phone plug adaptors to the solar
panels output female connector.
•It is advised to keep away electronic appliances (mobile
phones or other electronic gadgets or the storage
batteries) from direct sunlight (keep in shaded place).
•When the panel receives enough sunlight to charge the
appliances, the Green LED will turn on all the time. It is a
good indicator to get proper sunlight areas.
Trouble Shooting:
•Protection circuit is designed and implemented. When there
is overload or short circuit, the electronic controller (black
box) on the back of the panel will automatically cut off.
•No need to worry about the appliances. Wipe the solar
panel with dry clothes if you notice dust particles on top.
Greenfinity Solar Charger: A Must-Have Green
Appliance for Ubiquitous Applications
A low cost solar charger is designed and constructed
to assist the people around the globe, believing in
GreenfinityTM charger makes use of solid state
electronics and passive components. The charger is
durable and generates nearly zero signal interference
to the mobile phone. Attributing to its low cost and
better charging system, it could be introduced as the
sustainable solution for battery charger in
competitive market. The design of this solar charger
is very simple with less maintenance requirement.
Intellectual Property:
1. “Greenfinity Solar Charger”, (Malaysian Patent Application No.: PI2011000346 on 25/1/11).
2. “A Solar Charger”, International Application No. PCT/MY2012/000007; Date of Filing: 20 January 2012.
3. Trademarks: Registered “GreenfinityTM” 2011000918 (logo-class 9) on 14/1/11 and 2011000919 (word-class 9) on 14/1/11.
infinite sustainability
An Assistance to Solar-Green-Earth®
For further information please contact:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nowshad Amin
Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI),
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Tel : 603-8921 6325
Email : [email protected]