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Transcript Presentation- Build a PC part 3

Building a PC Part 3
Phillip Schneider
Information Services Librarian
Gail Borden Public Library District
• Solving common problems
• Diagnosing the problem part
• Should I upgrade?
• How to purchase a new part
• Installing the new part
• Properly disposing old parts
Solving Common Problems
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Solving Common Problems
Diagnosing a problem 101
• Always try the simplest solutions first
Check cords, power strip, buttons, etc.
• Replacing parts are expensive do this as a last
• Replace one part at a time
Solving Common Problems
My computer will not turn on!
• Is your computer plugged in?
• Is the power supply switch in the on position?
• Is the power supply voltage switch on 115v?
• Is your outlet functioning properly?
• Make sure all internal connections are fine.
Solving Common Problems
My computer Turns on,
but Windows does not boot!
• Is your hard drive properly plugged in?
• Go into bios and make sure the hard drive is being
• Start up with a Windows disc inserted to repair
Solving Common Problems
My computer turns on but I get no image
• Is your monitor on?
• Is your monitor on the right input?
• Is your computer plugged into the monitor?
• Did your cord go bad?
• Is your graphics card plugged in properly?
• Did your video port go bad?
• Did you plug your cord into the correct computer
Diagnosing the Problem Part
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Diagnosing the Problem Part
Problem=Turns on Windows doesn’t boot
Most likely culprits
• Bad Sata cord
• Bad Sata port
• Bad Hard drive
Diagnosing the Problem Part
Problem=Turns on, but turns off or crashes
Most likely culprits
• Room temperature is too high
• Fan died
• Thermal Paste needs to be replaced on CPU/GPU
• RAM or Motherboard is damaged
Diagnosing the Problem Part
Problem=Turns on with no image
Most likely culprits
• Bad Cable or Port
• Bad Graphics card
• Bad Ram
• Bad Monitor
Diagnosing the Problem Part
Problem= No power no lights
Most likely culprits
• Bad Power supply
• Bad Motherboard
Diagnosing the Problem Part
Narrowing down culprits
• Before anything visual inspect the item for
damage first
Diagnosing the Problem Part
Narrowing down culprits
• Try the “bad” part in another computer
• Try a good part in its place
• Try the “bad” part in other slots
• For “bad” RAM remove one at a time to
determine the bad stick
Should I Upgrade?
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Should I Upgrade?
• Too slow
Reasons to Upgrade
• Can not run a new program
• Ran out of hard drive space
• Want to increase the life span of an older machine
• Fun/Bragging rights/You have too much money
Should I Upgrade?
Upgrade CPU
• Increase speed of your computer
• Check to see if the upgrade will be
• Purchase a good CPU cooler and overclock it
• Speed increases up to 20% are possible
• Does your motherboard support Overclocking?
• Do you have an AMD or Intel K series processor?
Should I Upgrade?
Upgrade RAM
• Will allow you to run
more programs at once
• Open Task manager if
Physical Memory is
under 100% you don’t
need more RAM
Should I Upgrade?
Upgrade Hard Drive
• Upgrade to a SSD or Hybrid drive for up faster
Windows and program start up times
• Add an extra Hard drive or an external drive for more
• You can always increase space with cloud storage to
save money on hardware.
Should I Upgrade?
Upgrade GPU
• Allows you to have a higher resolution monitor or
multiple monitors
• Allows you to play higher resolution videos
• Increase the graphics on video games and play the
newest games
How to Purchase a New Part
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How to Purchase a New Part
Do your Homework First!
• Replace with the exact same part
• Make sure your motherboard is compatible
• Make sure your PSU can handle the upgrade
• Make sure the new part will fit in your case
How to Purchase a New Part
Fry’s Electronics
• Location: 3300 Finley Road
Downers Grove, IL
• Price Match
• Friendly knowledgeable
• Products out to test
• Massive selection
How to Purchase a New Part
• Great reviews for all items
• Great customer service and return policies
• Fast shipping
• Lower or no Taxes
• Lower Prices
How to Purchase a New Part
Trusted Brands
• Asus
• Adata
• Gigabyte
• Western Digital
• Kingston
• Corsair
• Zotac
How to Purchase a New Part
Brands to avoid
Super Talent
Or anything you never heard of
How to Purchase a New Part
• Good items at a discounted price
• Be careful of condition when purchasing
• Computer part longevity = 5 years
• Format all used hard drives to avoid viruses
• Look for warranty refurbished parts on
Installing a New Part
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Installing a New Part
• Remember to turn off and unplug your computer
• Remember to ground yourself on metal
• Be careful and gentle
• Test computer before you close up your case
Properly Disposing Old Parts
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Properly Disposing Old Parts
Kane County Locations
• St. Charles Public Works
• West Dundee Public Works
• MRK Group Event (Last Friday of every month)
• Elgin Recycling
• Or sell items on eBay or Craigslist
• If Functional Donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army
Stay to practice replacing
computer parts if you have
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