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TDSPWR2 Power Measurement
and Analysis Software
Addressing Today’s Challenges
Power Supply Industry Trends
Voltages Decreasing
Currents Increasing
2005 1999
Source: ECN Supplement (Mar 2001)
Power Measurement Challenges
 Smaller, portable electronic products
 Demand for efficient, smaller, cost-
effective power sources
 Power dissipation from smaller
 Reduced noise tolerances of host
 Regulated levels of radiated power
Introducing TDSPWR2
Power Measurement & Analysis Software
Transforms a digital oscilloscope into
a sophisticated power analysis tool
 HiPower Finder and B-H
Power loss measurements
Sophisticated report
Safe operating area
Automatic ripple
measurement setup
Pre-compliance testing to
EN61000-3-2 standard
THD, True Power, Apparent
Power, Power Factor & Crest
Modulation analysis
Auto Deskew
TDSPWR2’s Ideal Partners
TDS5000 & TDS7000 Oscilloscopes
 Digital Phosphor
Fast waveform capture
Live color analog-like
 Long record length
 Advanced math
 Up to 1GHz bandwidth
and 5GS/s sample rate
Measurement Challenge
Switching Loss
 Most switching loss
occurs during transitions
Minimize transition time to
reduce switching loss
 Must be able to measure
turn-on, turn-off and
cycle power loss
 Most oscilloscope
solutions don’t measure
to this level of detail
TDSPWR2 Solution
Switching Loss
 TDSPWR2 automatically
computes the switching loss
at Turn-on, Turn-off and for the
entire cycle at the switching
 Min, Max and average values
computed for trend data on
switching loss over time in a
dynamic load situation
 HiPower Finder feature
analyzes pinpoints areas of
instantaneous power
Measurement Challenge
Core Loss & B-H Analysis
 Magnetic components
designed to enhance
performance may cause
power dissipation
 Important to know the
operating limits of these
components in order to
determine safe operation
of the power supply
 No current oscilloscope
solution can provide this
TDSPWR2 Solution
Core Loss & B-H Analysis
 TDSPWR2 provides
visualization of the
inductor behavior
 Automatically measures
core loss and the
inductance value of the
 TDSPWR2 automatically
displays B-H plot for
further analysis
Measurement Challenge
Test Report Generation
 Customers demand
lengthy, customformatted test reports
 Manual report
preparation is very
tedious and timeconsuming
TDSPWR2 Solution
Test Report Generation
 TDSPWR2 enables
automatic generation of
customized test reports
 Automatically generate
reports with a push of a
 Create templates, with
custom oscilloscope fields,
settings and measurements
 Size selection
 Editable
 Easily exportable file format
Measurement Challenge
Analysis of Safe Operating Areas
 Designers must analyze
and monitor the safe
operating limits in a realworld environment with
fluctuating power
 Requires capture and
analysis of long-duration
TDSPWR2 Solution
Analysis of Safe Operating Areas
 TDSPWR2 and a DPO
provide the long record
length and automatic
measurements to make this
task fast, easy
 Long record length of
scope captures entire event
 Automatically measure and
determine safe operating
Locate and analyze the
linkage between safe
operating area and the
waveform in the time domain
Measurement Challenge
Quick Test To EN61000-3-2 Standard
 Designers need to test
for Current Harmonic
standard EN61000-3-2
 Requires to analyze the
current Harmonic
component up to 40th
Need to know the sample
rate to capture all harmonic
Understand the
EN61000-3-2 test process
TDSPWR2 Solution
Quick Test To EN61000-3-2 Standard
 TDSPWR2 provides Pre-
Compliance test capability
to test for EN61000-3-2
 Simple operation
 Automatically determines
the sample rate and record
length to capture all current
 Supports Class A,Class B,
Class C, Class D devices
 Same time measures THD,
True Power, Power factor
Measurement Challenge
Measuring ripple at output DC Voltage
 Designers must measure
ripple in output DC
voltage to determine the
noise in the output
 Requires capture and
analyze the ripple caused
by by line frequency and
switching frequency
TDSPWR2 Solution
Measuring ripple at output DC Voltage
 Provides ripple due to
line frequency by single
TDSPWR2 Solution
Measuring ripple at output DC Voltage
 Provides ripple due to
switching frequency by
single button
 Analyzes Power loss at
switching device
Analyzes Core loss and B-H
analysis at magnetic
Simplifies customized test
report formats
Quickly provides data on Safe
Operating Area
Pre Compliance test to
EN61000-3-2 standard
Simplified ripple measurement