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The Maraton LV system
Michela Lenzi
INFN Firenze
Thanks to V. Bocci, P. Ciambrone, A. Sciubba
LV Power Supply
The Maraton System
Control and monitor board (RCM)
Ethernet based Remote controller unit
separate from the
power supply
LV power supply
AC-DC converter
Modular system made of three parts, the AC-DC converter, the
control board (for monitoring and control of the LVPS) and the DCDC modular power supply.
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
Status of Wiener OPC server
The OPC™ (OLE for Process Control) is a set of interfaces, based on
OLE/COM and DCOM technology. The basic principle of OPC operation is that
an OPC client (e.g. a SCADA) transfers data to/from PLCs/Devices by means
of an OPC server. The OPC client can operate either locally (server on same
PC) or via network, and the server accesses PLCs/Devices via drivers (e.g.
drivers to fieldbuses and Ethernet based products).
 The Wiener OPC server is almost ready but not available before
the hardware arrival (OPC server license included in the RCM order)
 Sometimes there are wrong actual device readings for a handful of
parameters (not critical)
 “IT-CO provisionally approves the use of the Wiener Maraton OPC
with the RCM / Maraton Crate combination – final approval being
reserved until Wiener releases the complete OPC server”
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
Main Maraton OPC items
 Status (read): on/off
 Settings (read/write): On/Off crate, On/Off groups
 Status (read): on/off, Failure Max temperature/current/
sense voltage/terminal voltage
 Monitor (read): current, sense voltage, temperature
 Settings & ReadBack (read/write): On/Off channel, Max
current, max sense voltage, group number, Failure behaviour:
ignore, switch off channel, group, crate
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
Status of Maraton in JCOP
“The JCOP framework is an integrated set of guidelines and
software tools that include templates, standard elements and
functions required to achieve a homogeneous Control System”
The Maraton device has been integrated in the last version (2.3.6) of
the JCOP framework:
A set of common tools and libraries are provided to
implement the Maraton specific control software
Facilities are available to set:
 Device data structure
 OPC addresses
 Alarm definitions
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
Status of LV in ECS
 I have implemented the first prototype of the control program
for LV written in PVSS and integrated in the JCOP framework
 Since the hardware and the OPC server are not yet available I
have developed a Marathon simulator to test and debug the
 The program has been successfully tested at the SCADA lab.
at CERN using the real OPC server connected to the real
Marathon remote controller unit
 Comment, suggestions,user requirements are welcome!
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
program functionality
 Create, copy, delete Marathon crate to control & monitor
 Monitor crate and channels status (On/Off, Failure)
 Monitor channel current, voltage and temperature
 Setting parameters for each channel, group or crate
 Switch on/off channels/groups/crate in a chosen sequence
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
RCM Monitor
error gone
Setup settings
for all RCM
On/Off crate
in defined
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
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Apr 6, 2006
Channels Monitor
Global RCM status
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Groups on/off in
defined sequence
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
Channel setup
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Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006
 The OPC server is almost ready
 A first prototype for ECS program is ready
 The ECS program has been tested during developing with
the JCOP driver simulator + a Maraton simulator I specifically
implemented for this purpose
 The ECS program has then been successfully tested with
real OPC server and Maraton RCM (but no power supply!) in
SCADA lab. at CERN (showing also that the simulator is
reliable to test further developments )
 I am waiting for the hardware to perform more accurate
 Comments, suggestions and requirements on the
functionalities needed for the commissioning are welcome!
Michela Lenzi
ECS Meeting
Apr 6, 2006