RF System Summary

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MICE RF Power Status
Paul Drumm
Sunday August 1st
Progress since CM8
• Workshop at CERN in May
– Meeting & Talking exercise
– Established need for a “balanced” design
• Merits of 4x”2MW” vs. 2x”2MW”+1x”4MW”
• 4MW amplifier was unlikely to be possible
 A 4MW amplifier would require a higher anode voltage and 2
loops; the installation of a Kapton anode blocker (expensive &
• 4x”2MW” less risk; less work; no more cost;
 Providing 2 circuits at 2 MW would be less risky and easier.
– Agreed Scheme to power eight Cavities
From this…
Master Oscillator
2 MW
2 MW
201 MHz Cavity Module
4 MW
201 MHz Cavity Module
Overall Picture
Master Oscillator
Controls etc
Los Alamos
300 kW
2 MW
300 kW
300 kW
300 kW
2 MW
2 MW
2 MW
201 MHz Cavity Module
201 MHz Cavity Module
Sources of Equipment
– Two power Amplifiers (MW)
– Driver amplifier (kW)
– Some heater control circuits
– Potential circuits available (MW & kW)
– No discussions yet – timescale uncertain
– Two power amplifiers (MW)
– Three driver amps (kW)
– MoU in progress
• Los Alamos
– HT supplies; many smaller supplies;
– Draw up MoU;
– Stock of Ex ISIS tubes
Position on Tubes (Triodes)
• Ex ISIS TH116
– Removed at 2.3MW output (50Hz, ?ms)
• New TH116
– “4.8MW” (4MW) not available
• New TH170 – 2.3MW available to buy
– expect 2.8 MW from tube;
– no spares
– 1ms, 0.02%
TH628 Diachrode
4.5 MW,
0.5ms @1%
Current State of Design
• Electrical Engineering details being
– DL
• to produce a revised MICE RF cost estimate;
• to produce a new cost estimate for CERN work to
be borne by MICE.
• The work has to be discussed with CERN
management (AB).
…via this…
Potential Capabilities
• Each power circuit
– 2.X MW tube
– Some losses in transmission and coupling
– One circuit  One Cavity @ Stage V
• Expect 2 MW in each cavity
– One circuit  Two Cavities @ Stage VI
• Expect >1 MW in each cavity
– Additionally, by sacrificing lifetime:
• Could deliver >2 MW into one cavity x 4
• Do not (yet) have the option of 4 MW x 8 cavities
– May be some possibility in the future…
Work Plans in UK
• Currently in the process of Packing up for
shipment to Daresbury
• Strip down and assess work required to
– RF connections (finger strip)
– Clean surfaces (steam cooled)
• Funding allowing
like to build a test stand for full power test
2 MW System into a load
Hall and facilities available
Need to have got through GW2
• i.e. be in full funding mode
Work Plans @ CERN
• Plan to restore/refurbish “88MHz” system to
useable state at 201 MHz
• Blueprint for rebuild of “derelict” 201 MHz Circuit
• Timescale?
– Question of 88 MHz test for NF?
– Probably release by end of year
– Possibly mid-to-late 2005
• depends on funds; people availability
• It is likely that the future NF work programme will concentrate
on the Target and Horn work, and the bunch rotation test
should be completed by the end of 2004 or should probably
be abandoned in as much as MICE could be a higher priority.
Selected R&D Issues
• Non of the options come with a guarantee
– CERN circuits will be untested
• TH170 amplifier
– limited to 1.8MW  design of output circuit
• TH116 amplifiers
– Question of lifetime and output power
• TH170 & TH116 Socket Compatible
– different characteristics (heaters etc)
 Losses in the circuits (8 Cavities)
 to obtain 1MW/cavity would require 4x2.5 MW in “2MW”
 (or 2x5MW in a “4MW” amplifier – not reachable)
 Phase and Amplitude Control
 ± 0.5 degrees and ± 1%
 Simulation?