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GPE and KE
Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE)
• This is the energy an object possesses
due to its height above the ground.
Kinetic Energy (KE)
• This is the energy an object has due to
its speed.
• When an object falls it converts its
potential energy into Kinetic energy.
• The GPE of water in
a dam can be
extracted as it falls.
Elastic Potential energy (EPE)
• Any material that is stretched or
compressed stores elastic potential
• A wound up clock spring can be used
to store elastic potential energy. This
energy can then released over a few
days to make the clock work.
• Both the springs in a car suspension and the tyres
absorb energy when the car travels over rough
• The bungee cord is elastic and absorbs the kinetic
energy of the jumper.
Chemical Energy
• Chemical energy is the energy stored
in the bonds between atoms.
• Making the bonds between atoms can store
• Breaking the bonds between atoms can
release energy.
The chemical bonds inside food can be broken
down to release energy for us to live.
The chemicals inside a battery store chemical
energy ready to be released as electricity.
Heat Energy
• When chemical react they can
release chemical energy in the form
of Heat energy.
For example burning wood/coal releases
chemical energy as heat.
Heat can be described as the KE and EPE of molecules.
Electrical Energy
• Electrical energy is the flow of charge/electrons in
a circuit due to a voltage.
Printed circuit
board in a TV
Lightning is an example of nature
producing its own electric currents
in the atmosphere.
Lightning Bolt
Sound Energy
The vibrations which are passed between atoms
in a material we call sound.
Electromagnetic Waves
Gamma rays
X- rays UV
Radio Waves
Nuclear Energy
• The strong bonds between the particles
inside a nucleus store nuclear energy.
• When the bonds are broken during a nuclear
reaction a lot of energy can be released. (About a
million times more than a chemical reaction)
In a nuclear bomb all the energy in
a lump of Uranium or Plutonium is
quickly released.
In a nuclear reactor the energy is released slowly so
that it can be used to generate electricity.