Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
• business intelligence is a broad category of
applications and technologies for gathering,
providing access to, and analyzing data for
the purpose of helping enterprise users make
better business decisions.
• The term implies having a comprehensive
knowledge of all of the factors that affect your
Business Intelligence
• It is imperative that you have an in
depth knowledge about factors such as
your customers, competitors, business
partners, economic environment, and
internal operations to make effective
and good quality business decisions.
• Business intelligence enables you to
make these kinds of decisions.
Decision Support Systems
• An information system that utilizes
decision models, a database, and a
decision maker’s own insights in an ad
hoc, interactive analytical modeling
process to reach a specific decision by
a specific decision maker.
O’Brien, 1999
Data Mining
• Knowledge discovery using a
sophisticated blend of techniques from
traditional statistics, artificial
intelligence, and computer graphics
Weldon, 1996
Data Warehouse
• An integrated collection of data
extracted from operational, historical,
and external databases, and screened,
edited, and standardized for retrieval
and analysis, to provide business
intelligence for managerial decision
O’Brien, 1999
Business Intelligence
Data Mining