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Last lesson we went over:
1.Distributed computing using the Internet
2.Connecting to the Internet (dial up /
3.Mobile access to the Internet.
Define Distributed computing and describe an
example of its use.
Moral, Ethical, and Social issues
Lesson Objectives
• Discuss Moral, Ethical and Social issues with
the internet.
• Answer the question: Should the internet be
• Develop an understanding of the positive and
negative effects of the internet on
We will also start work on an exam question.
Success Criteria
• Take part in group activity. In this case it will
be peer led discussion.
• Work through example exam question.
Moral, Ethical and Social issues?
Should the internet be policed?
positive and negative effects of the internet on
Exam Question
• The use of the internet causes major moral,
social and ethical issues. Other than crime,
outline two of the above issues giving two
appropriate examples to help explain the
issues. (8 marks)
• Those who missed out last lesson will need to
catch up. Go to: to see the activity I
had created. Catch up by reading page 24 to
• Exam question is on page 34. as homework,
please finish your answer and check using the
worked example.