Cooking with Seniors and the Urban Garden

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Transcript Cooking with Seniors and the Urban Garden

Cooking with Seniors
Urban Garden
Cooking Classes
The new Atrium Kitchen offers a variety of classes
and resources for the downtown community to
meet, eat and learn about food together.
Many of the class participants are senior residents
in Market housing, and Pike Market Senior Center
Classes are offered every Thursday, free of charge.
Nutritionists, chefs, and market neighbors
demonstrate recipes and teach about nutritious,
affordable meals.
Classes are about 1 hour long
Simple recipes
Ingredients sourced from the Market or close
Try to introduce new tools as well as foods- like
a mandolin, or a hand blender for making
Provide $10 dollars in market bucks as to
participants- as money is still the #1 barrier to
 Chicken Soup Brigade- meal demos
specific to seniors healthcare-needs
(Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
 Cooking Matters- classes for low income
 Diane Levine - Market Chef/Restaurant
Class Topic Examples
 “Soup
for all Seasons”
 “Cheap Eats: Fabulous fruits and veggies”
 “Crafty Quesadillas'”
 “Beans and Basics- Cooking with Food
Bank Staples”- an ongoing class
Nutrition Talks
 Every
Wednesday after breakfast in the
Senior Center, Rhonda (nutritionist) gives a
quick talk about nutrition
 Ex: How to reduce salt consumption,
benefits of spices, why seniors need
certain vitamins
Urban Garden
Urban Rooftop Garden
 The
Urban Garden is a rooftop garden
that provides fresh fruits and veggies to
the Pike Place Market Food Bank and
Senior Center
 In 2013, the garden produced 200
pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for
the Food Bank and Senior Center
Engaging the Community
The garden is run completely by volunteers
who are senior residents in Market housing.
It provides them an opportunity to utilize their
gardening skills to engage the market
community and visitors.
The fruits of their labor provide fresh foods for
meals at the Pike Market Senior Center, as
well as donations for the Downtown Food
Garden Benefits to Seniors
 Some
clients at the FB/SC have never
tasted garden-picked veggies.
 It’s an opportunity to show how great
fresh produce can be.
 Teaches about seasonal veggies and
what can grow in WA state.
FMNP at the Farmers Markets
 The
Pike Place Market Farmers Market
and Express Markets all accept SFMNP
 Case workers, residential building
managers, clinic staff, and volunteers
conduct outreach to ensure as many
seniors in the community apply as possible
Miranda Severns
Farm Program Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]