Visualization of Apriori and Association Rules

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Transcript Visualization of Apriori and Association Rules

Visualization of Apriori and
Association Rules
Presented By:
– Manoj Wartikar
– Sameer Sagade
Highlights and Targets
Apriori Visual Representation
 Mining of Association Rules
 Visualization of Association Rule
System Implementation
Easy to grasp visual representation
 Implementation in JAVA
 Background database used is the ARFF
format which is the most widely used
Data format for research projects.
Sample Run
Execution on a
Sample database.
Threshold Specified
is : 33%
Attribute for Mining:
Sample Run contd….
Iteration # 1
representation of
different values for
attribute “Item”
Graph in RED
indicates that the
value is below the
Sample Run contd….
Iteration # 2
Based on the Apriori
principle (i.e an item
can be frequent if its
frequent in the
previous iterations)
Association Rule Mining
Representation of
Association rules as
determined by the
The representation
at each iteration
Future Advancements
Association Rule represenation in
greater depth.
 Association Rule mining can be said to
be the next area of interests for
researchers in this area.
 Useful in all future Data Mining
Thank You.