Jennifer Soderberg

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Jennifer Soderberg
Arts, Environment, and the Child
Fall 2005
LP Brown Elementary
Maribeth Simmons’ AM Kindergarten Class
Plants and People Need Each Other!
 Discuss
1. How plants need carbon dioxide and
people need oxygen.
2. Photosynthesis
3. Anatomy of trees
Plants and People Need Each Other!
 Engage:
1. Each child chooses a leaf.
2. Draw leaf in Tree Journals.
3. Leaf rubbings
4. Sounds/letters that make words:
leaf, tree, fall, etc.
Plants and People Need Each Other!
 Reflect
1. Do all leaves look alike?
2. Why do plants and people need each
3. What do leaves do?
4. How are plants and people the
New Insights!
Openness to new information