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Poetry Book
By Alexander Belanger
Batter up
All of us cheer ‘cause the score is tied
Seven to seven
Extra innings
Bases loaded
And we hit a home run
Long gone, over the fence
Losing is not for us!
Alexander Belanger
The most embarrassing thing
The most embarrassing thing
Was when I had to do a
Simple, easy poem
When I wrote my poem
Just quick, not slow,
To go outside for recess
And I ripped my pants,
Coming down a slide
And when we went inside
My teacher asked me
To share my poem
In front of the class
I was to embarrassed
To tell that I couldn’t
‘Cause I had ripped my pants
So I went up in front of my class
And did the dreading thing
Everyone was laughing
The most embarrassing thing
Glittering diamonds,
These valuable pieces of
They are very hard to break in
They look like tinted glass
They are precious
Alexander Belanger
Rain is hard
Rain is like bricks
It is like millions of letters,
Crashing down on you
It is like pelts that come from
outer space
Like puddle laying sand
Rain has many different types
But as long as it goes pit pat
It will still be tiny raindrops
Pouring on you
Alexander 2007
Whisper whisper
Goes the wind, tickling the leaves
Tiny leaves fall by
Rustling the leaves more hard now
A storm is here
Splat pat pat splat pat pat
The rain is hitting the ground hard
The rain is falling into puddles
Slowly forming on the ground
Signs of Spring
The stray leaves twirl in the air,
The cool, fresh air refreshes me,
Calms me.
New grass grows up through the
brown grass
The sun warms me
While the breeze cools me
Flowers are blossoming
Everything is new and pure and
Everything is growing
Natures look is changing
Signs of spring surround me
Watching a surfing video
Every day summer seems closer and closer
There are a lot of good memories in
Surfers in Central America bring back
memories of the ocean
The sky reminds me of sunny days,
One after another
The sand brings back memories of the
And just the sport of surfing brings back the
memory of games
Watching people having fun
Are memories of the best things in summer
Having fun
Trees bring back memories of walking in the
Feeling free outside
There are so many memories,
A good surfing video can bring