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Birds and Marine Life
My Experience
By: Giorvani Domond
Monday - NYC Natural
History Museum
On Monday we went to the NYC Natural History Museum and learned about
the first flying creature, the Terrorsaurus. The Terrorsaurus was the first
flying animal ever to live. We learned how it evolved from a little creature
about the size of a cereal box, to a huge creature with the wingspan of 50
inches. It was pretty amazing. We learned the real reason why
Terrorsaurus' vanished. It was because they couldn't get enough food to
survive. They couldn't get enough food because they couldn't walk with
ease to get food from the ground. The Terrorsaurus' population ceased to
exist because birds arrived. Birds have feathers which allow them to keep
their wings at their side. Feathers are very light and easy to carry. Birds also
had fragile bones. Because of this, they could get their food on land with
more ease because of how easy they could walk, compared to the
We also saw exhibits with sea creatures and learned how they live, that was
also a lot of fun.
Tuesday - Alley Pond
Environmental Center
On Tuesday we went to the Alley Pond Environmental Center. The day started
with a hike that I personally didn't like because it was very muddy and I
didn't come with the proper materials for my feet. If i came with the proper
materials, it would have been more fun. After the hike we went inside the
building and learned about wetlands such as marshes and swamps.
Marshes and swamps are almost the same thing except swamps has trees
and marshes don't. After that we did an experiment to see if the water
outside is neutral and healthy. To do that we first filled a bucket with water.
Then we put a thermometer in the water. Then we filled up our test tubes.
Then we put do in one tube, nitrate in one tube, and something else (i
forgot) in another tube. Then we shook the tubes until the pills dissolved.
After that we saw how neutral the water was by testing it's color. We found
out the water was neutral and healthy.
Wednesday - The Bronx
On Wednesday went to the Bronx Zoo. In my opinion it was the best trip. First
we went to three different sections of the bird world and saw different
species of birds like elmoos and more. Then we went to the predatory birds
and saw eagles, vultures, and more. Then we went to see aquatic birds and
saw penguins, flamingos, geese, and more. Next we ate lunch. Then we
went to the Congo gorilla forest. We saw two gorillas disturbed because of
our annoyed banging. Then the best part of all, we saw the polar express
4d. This was the first time I saw something in 4d and I loved it. Not only is it
3d, but we felt what the people in the movie were feeling, like splashes of
water, air, and being whipped. It was awesome.
Thursday - The Bronx
Botanical Garden
On Thursday my group went to the Bronx Botanical Garden. We took two trains and
walked up & down on many hills. When we got there we took a tour in a huge
greenhouse that was clear of plant life in deserts and rainforests. In the desert we
saw plants like cactuses, ferns, and more. I learned that in the desert rains were 10
inches or less. Also that plants adapted by pointing their leaves upward to catch
water to survive. In the rainforest we saw plants like a palm, (which looks like a tree)
leaves with holes, and much more. I also saw a couple of lily pads. It was cool. After
that we sat down and ate lunch. At first it was cool because we were doing fun
things on the grass until we were told to get off. Then we wandered around the
awesome gift shop. After that we went back to school. Overall it was a cool trip, my
least favorite if you ask me though.
In conclusion I had a great time during rensizzle. This was the best rensizzle
week I've ever had to be honest.