Pelvic Congestion in Women

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Transcript Pelvic Congestion in Women

Pelvic Congestion
in Women
Dr Mary Bove ND
Pelvis congestion - a dysfunctional state of the
pelvic circulation and movement which can
manifest as many symptoms, syndromes and
disease states of the female reproductive
As the term implies the pelvic region of the body
becomes congested, engorged, and stagnant be
it with lymph fluids, blood, inflammation,
emotions, traumas, and energy.
The normal movement of the pelvic region
becomes compromised and lack of vitality sets
in, leading to dysfunction and disease
Disease states, Signs and
Symptoms associated
with Pelvic Congestion
fibroids, dysmenorrhea, heavy
bleeding, endometriosis, PMS,
labial varicosities, painful
intercourse, vaginal discharge,
abdominal water retention, low
back pain, infertility, irregular
menses, bladder issues, and
Female Pelvic Health
is an integrated balance between
the physiological functions of the
organs and tissues of the pelvis,
the women’s emotional attitudes,
her self-image, past traumas in
her life, and lifestyle practices to
support pelvic vitality
Botanical medicines
physiological malfunctions of the organs, tissues
and body systems while offering
tonic qualities for building and replenishing
stressed areas of the pelvis and entire body
reaches into the energetic realm to offer support
in release of emotion, tension, memory from the
pelvic region
open the channels for better pelvic movement,
circulation of blood and lymph, and energetic
Pelvic Decongestants
This group of plants acts to
 decrease congestion in the pelvic region,
 increases circulation of fluids to and from
pelvic region
 balancing tissue, muscle, and vascular
 increases vitality of the organs and tissues
Pelvic Decongestants
Used in formula for fibroids, painful
menses, heavy menses, prolapsed
uterus, prolapsed vaginal walls,
endometriosis, PMS, labial varicosities,
painful intercourse, vaginal discharge,
abdominal water retention, low back
pain, infertility, irregular menses,
bladder issues, and constipation
Combine with
 circulatory
stimulates such as
Combine with
Anti-spasmodic and nervine herbs to relax
the muscular tissues in the pelvis region,
but also to relax the whole body, so as to
bring a generalized relaxed state to the
whole person.
Consider aromatic herbs with pleasant
flavors such as melissa, rose petals,
lavender flowers, holy basil, hops, or linden
Uterine tonic
play a very important role in the treatment of
pelvic congestive conditions
tonics feed and support normal function of the
reproductive organs and tissues
act more slowly, given over a period of time to
bring about a long lasting and regulating effect
use tonic plants throughout the menstrual cycle
for the symptoms of pelvic congestion acting to
change the tissue state over several months
many uterine tonic herbs also have
decongesting action along with antispasmodic
Botanical Pelvic
Anemone pulsatilla- Windflower, Pasque
Angelica sinensis
Cimicfuga racemosa-Black Cohash
Viburnum opulus- Cramp Bark, Highbush
Viburnum prunifolium - Black Haw
Alchemilla vulgaris- Lady’s Mantle
Leonurus cardiaca - Motherswort
Mitchella repens - Squaw Vine
Alchemilla vulgaris
Lady’s Mantle
Leonurus cardiaca
Vaginal Steams, Sitz Baths,
and Topical Pelvic Rubs
Do not underestimate the power of these
wonderful herbal preparations in the
treatment of pelvic congestion in women.
They offer another avenue to use herbs to
access this area for a woman while
offering the beneficial aspects of essential
oils, touch, massage, warm steam and
Vaginal Steam
use a cup of mixed herbs in 3 cups of
boiling water.
Sit over the bowl of steaming infusion with
a blanket wrapped around you and the
chair to keep the steam from escaping.
Useful herbs to use might include mints,
lemon balm, rose petals, calendula
flowers, chamomile flowers, lavender
flowers, pine needles, eucalyptus leaves,
hyssop, oregano, thyme, holy basil, or
raspberry leaves.
Herbal Sitz Bath
is a bath in which the water covers the hips
and lower abdomen of the woman when
she sits in the tub.
A strong infusion is made from 3
tablespoons of herbal mix, (see above
vaginal steam for a list of herbs) to 3 cups
of boiling water steep 10 minutes, strain out
the herb, add to the bath water.
Sit in bath 15 to 20 minutes.
Topical Pelvic Rubs
are made from a combination of essential
oils, castor oil, sesame oil and a small
amount of herbal tincture.
One of my favorite recipes is a mix of 2
ounces castor oil, 4 ounces of sesame oil,
1 ounce of lobelia oil, 5 drops of nutmeg
essential oil, 5 drops peppermint essential
oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil, and 5
drops of fir oil, 5 mls of capsicum tincture.
Shake well before application. Apply over
lower abdomen before bed.
Becoming a woman,
you feel the moon
Tug at your blood,
And you begin to
The mysteries of the
new body.
John O’donohue
“To Bless the Space Between Us”