Horticulture 1 Group 2 Plant ID

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Transcript Horticulture 1 Group 2 Plant ID

Horticulture 1
Plant ID
Purple wandering jew
• Houseplant or
annual (not
• Purple and green
• Fast growing
• Great hanging
• Easy to
English Ivy
Golden Pothos
•Vigorous climber
•Great in hanging baskets
•Glossy heart-shaped
leaves with splashes of
yellow or cream colors.
Sprengeri Fern / Asparagus Fern
Decora Rubber Plant
•Indoor plant that is pretty
easy to grow.
Boston Fern
• Long fronds instead
of leaves.
• Propagation can be
done from spores,
runners, or by
division .
• Originated from
tropical regions and
doesn’t over winter.
Wax Begonia
Does well in full
sun but is not very
drought tolerant.
Blooms from
Flower Color:
Pink, red, white
Leaf colors range
from green to dark
greenish red.
• White flowers before
leaves emerge
• Dense green foliage
• Nice shape for edges
• Mature trees do not
withstand ice or wind
Prayer Plant
Japanese Aucuba
• Green evergreen shrub looks like gold
paint has been splashed onto leaves.
• Called “spotted laurel”
Dwarf Burford Holly
Fosteri Holly
Helleri Holly
• < Look for seed pods
Bearded Iris
• Sword-like, thick leaves >
• Can be Green or Variegated