All about Earthworms - St Charles Catholic Primary School L17

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Transcript All about Earthworms - St Charles Catholic Primary School L17

All about Earthworms
Mrs Gillespie
Earthworms burrow through the soil making tunnels. They do
this by eating the soil.
Worms help to keep soil healthy. We need healthy soil for
growing plants, fruit and vegetables.
What would happen if the worms decided they were fed up of
burrowing tunnels through the soil, and decided to not do it
Earthworms do not have legs, instead their body is covered in
tiny hairs that help them move.
Earthworms do not have eyes. They use their body to feel for
If earthworms do not stay wet they will dry up and die.
Earthworms breath through their body so when it rains, they must come to
top of the soil or they will drown. They know when it is raining because they
can feel the sound of raindrops falling onto the ground.
Did you know that we do not have boy worms or girl worms?
Earthworms only have two birthdays.
Where we live in the Britain, there are 25 different types of
earthworms. The Lob worm is the biggest and can grow up to 35cm
long. That’s a bit bigger than Nursery’s wooden rulers!
In other countries, earthworms can grow up to 300cm long!
That’s longer than nursery’s cloakroom. How long do you think
the worm in the photograph is?
Worms are nocturnal like hedgehogs, bats, badgers and owls;
they come out at night time.
Worms eat leaves, seedlings and plants.
Other animals love to eat worms, and some people do to!
Shrews eat worms.
Wasps eat worms.
Birds eat worms.
Slugs eat worms.
Frog eat worms.
Hedgehogs eat worms.
Badgers eat worms.
Lowland streaked tenrec eat worms.
Lizards eat worms.
This looks like a worm, but what is it?
Can you make a long thin worm or a short fat worm?
What things would you need to make a worm slithering through grass?
Can you make a wormery?