Transcript Document

1. Short Descriptive Sentences
The waves crashed onto the
The boy nervously walked
The vicious dog snapped
angrily at Jack.
2. Conjunction sentences
It was late but she wasn’t tired.
People like jogging because it helps
them get fit.
The dog lay in the sun
although it was hot.
3. Question Sentences
Are you happy with the
state of the local park?
Have you ever been to the
4. Short Sharp Sentences
It was silent.
He was alone.
The fox stopped.
You would be amazed.
5. Connective sentences
As quick as a flash, I jumped
up and dashed from
my hiding place.
However, I believe that all
children should be in bed by
eight o’clock each night.
6. List Sentences
Jack entered the class room,
slammed the door, pulled up
his chair, picked up a chewed
pencil and began to write
7. Adverb Sentences
Anxiously, Laura stared at the
stony floor below.
Wearily, the teacher stared
at the noisy line of children.
Quietly, Ben tiptoed outside.
8. Speech Sentences
“Where are you going?”
Jessica mumbled to her mum.
“I’m petrified” Alex
whispered to his best
friend Tom, as they hid
behind the graveyard wall.
9. Extra Information
I walked through the street,
shivering with fear.
The cat, which was black, sat
and washed its paws.
10. As clause sentences
As I scanned the desert
island, the sound of
wild animals filled my ears.
James curled up into a ball, as
his parent’s raised voices were
11. ing Sentences
Looking rather lost, she pulled
a letter from her bag.
Running along the lane, George
became aware that he was
being followed.
12. ed Sentences
Disgusted at the
bully’s behaviour, the
policeman gave him a warning.
Amazed at the sight of the
fair, the child jumped up and
down in excitement.
13. Preposition Sentences
On the wall, hung a large mirror.
Behind the door, stood
the ancient, wooden
grandfather clock.
14. Simile Sentence
The crisp white snow covered
the ground like sparkling white
Like waves against the shore, the
wind hit the wooden house.
15. Imperative Sentence
Feed your fish every morning and
Place the lid on the tank.
Check the water filter is working.
16. Proper Noun Sentence
Scarborough, a very pretty
coastal town, is a popular seaside
Sam, a tall, dark-haired
boy, stood on the hill.
17. Alliterative Sentences
The sparkling sea shells
shimmered on the sea
Meowing quietly, the
cautious, curious cat crept
towards the puppy.
18. Metaphor Sentences
He has the heart of a lion.
The giant’s steps were
thunder as he ran toward
Stars are flowers in
the meadow of the
19. Onomateaopia Sentences
Thunder boomed and lightning
flashed across sky.
Rain drops pitter-pattered
against my window.
The car zoomed round the
corner and screeched to a
20.Personification Sentences
The sun danced across the
sky on the hot summer day.
As the wind blew, leaves
pranced and twirled in the air.
The old car groaned as it
made its way down the long
windy road.