The water cycle

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The water cycle
By: Aliya Rockind
Evaporation is the first step in the water cycle.
Evaporation happens when the sun heats the
water and the water rises up and into the
Examples of water the sun heats…….
• Rivers
• Lakes
• Oceans
• And a glass of water that you leave out
Transpiration is the 2nd step in the water cycle.
Transpiration is the step when plants lose
water out of their leaves. This helps
evaporation get the water into the air.
• Condensation is the 3rd step in the water
cycle. It is when water vapor turns cold and
back to liquid (this forums clouds). Water
vapor in the warm/hot air will turn back to
liquid when it touches something cold.
Precipitation is the 4th step in the water cycle.
It’s job is to let the water fall back to earth as
rain. It only does this when the clouds can’t
hold any more water. Precipitation can be rain,
hail, sleet or snow.
Collection is when the air gives the oceans,
lakes, rivers and land their water back.
Surface runoff/runoff
Surface runoff is the flow of water, from rain,
snowmelt, or other things over land. Runoff is
like surface runoff but instead it is a flow of
water that runs down a mountain into a river,
lake, ocean and land.
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