The Kenyan Action Plan

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Transcript The Kenyan Action Plan

(Outline of Presentation)
Background to Kenyan statistical office
Issues considered in arriving at Action Plan
Proposed Action Plan
• CBS operates under an Act of Parliament
which mandates it to collect, analyze and
disseminate socioeconomic statistics
• Staff size of 800 officers with 111
professionals (71 being economists)
• Has staff in Hqs, line ministries, and all 70
Background continued
• Functions like any other traditional
government department (a major
• Produces regular leading economic
indicators and cpi - monthly and economic
survey and statistical abstract - annually
• Undertook surveys that improved the
understanding of poverty in Kenya
What Issues did we consider ?
• The successful PRSP consultation process
which was broad-based and all inclusive
• General data gaps in agriculture, FDI, BOP,
infrastructure, industrial production and
local level information
• Data gaps in the PRSP (sector indicators
and targets)
Issues continued
• Rich but under-utilized data-bases eg WMS
I, II, III, PPAs, 1999 Population Censuses,
MICS, etc
• Weak collection and use of administrative
statistics eg crime data, health, migration
• Current initiatives to revitalise use of data in
planning, policy decision, and ME
The Action Plan for 2001-2004
• Revise the National Sampling Frame Q1Y1
• Undertake CWIK Survey Q2Y1
• Initiate of agreeing on sector indicators and
targets (experiences of UG&TZ) Q1Q2Y1
• Start preparing PMMP Q1-Q4Y1
• Start activities leading to National Statistics
Day in November 2001eg discuss data gaps
in house, hold symposia Q1-Q2Y1
The Action Plan 2001-2004
• Complete work started on developing ICT
strategy (GIS/IMIS/LAN)
• Prepare dissemination strategy Q1Y1-Q4Y3
• Undertake ME training Q1-Q4Y1
• Initiate the process of data mining to
improve national and district indicators
The Action Plan 2001-2004
• Human resource development Hqs, Sectors,
and Districts
• Revise the Consumer Price Index
• Implement SNA 1993 and Revamp
Regional Statistical Training (…..)
• Discuss data gaps in ES by producers
The Action Plan 2001-2004
• Restructuring of the Central Bureau of
Statistics (Prepare a Strategic Plan with
Vision, Mission, Core Functions etc and
Revise the Statistics Act Q1Y1-Q4Y3
• Government provides regular budget to
CBS operations but the resource are not
• Most if not all the activities fit within the
resource frame discussed in this forum
• Undertake to share the action plan and
experiences of this workshop
• I thank you all for
listening to the
Kenyan case