Motion and force

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Transcript Motion and force

A force applied to an object can
change the object’s motion.
Motion is the change in an
object’s position.
Frame of reference is knowing if
an object is moving or is at rest.
Newton is the scientist that
discovered the laws of motion.
An object at rest, stays at rest. An
object in motion, stays in motion
unless a force is applied.
A push or pull that acts on an
object is called force.
Resistance to a change in motion
is called inertia.
Air Resistance
Speed is a measure of distance
moved in a given amount of
Speed equals distance divided
by time
 S=D/T
 S is for speed
 D is for distance
 T is for time
Velocity measures both speed
and direction.
Direction. Going opposite ways.
A change in speed and direction
is called acceleration.
Same amount of force on each
side and therefore there is no
There is different amounts of force coming
from each side and therefore, the truck is going
to move.
An object’s acceleration depends
on its mass and size of force
acting on it.
Sir Isaac Newton was not only the scientist
who formulated the Laws of Motion, his name
is used for the units of motion.
Like inches and feet are units, newtons are
units too!
A force that causes objects with
mass to be attracted, or pulled,
toward one another is called
Force that resists motion of one surface to
another is friction.
Air resistance or drag