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High-Speed Internet Access
A New Approach Using
Powerline Communications
Josep Pocalles, IT Director
PLC System
 Converts electrical outlets into a high-speed data network
– Connects to Internet via Ethernet;
converts signal to PLC signal; accepts
data from an existing network and
distributes it to the Coupler
– Wired directly to building’s electrical panels;
injects PLC signal into the building’s
electrical system
– Propagates PLC signal, accepts data from
the Gateway and distributes it to Couplers
System Components
– Connects to a computer and a power outlet to access the Internet
Typical Building Installation
Multiple Building Installation
PLC System Benefits – Purchaser
 Simple to install using existing electrical wiring
– No new wiring, rewiring or cabling
 No construction mess
 No issue with who owns the wires
– Invisible installation
 No disruption to guests/residents
 Installed in the building’s electrical room
Typical Installation
PLC System Benefits – Purchaser
 Rapid deployment
– Instant deployment: no need to wait
for a cable or DSL modem
– The system can be up and running
within a few days
– Once installed, the entire building
is Internet-ready
The Entire Building Is Internet-Enabled
PLCSystem Benefits – Purchaser
 Cost-effective
– Low cost of entry: no need to purchase
a network backbone
– No significant capital outlay is required
– Scalable system: add iBridges as needed
 Simple remote network management
– Gateway can be remotely managed via a
web browser (http), Telnet or
SNMP interface
– The firmware of the Gateway and iBridge
can be remotely updated
Simply Add iBridges As Needed
PLC System Benefits – User
 Easy to use
– Plug-and-play, hassle-free Internet
– No drivers or additional software to install
– Convenient: access the Internet from
any outlet
 Reliable and continuous data transmission
– Eliminates potential interference with
data signals
– Enables data to be shifted from one carrier
to another as real time noise and
attenuation conditions change
Internet Access From Any Outlet
PLC System Benefits – User
 Secure data transmission
– Patent-pending secure iBridge™-toGateway architecture ensures no use
can see other users on the network
– Data is secure from outside intrusion
 Data is encrypted with 56-bit Data
Encryption Standard
 No wireless connectivity issues
 The convenience of wireless with the
security of wireline
Convenient Internet Access
Hotel Owner Considerations
 Time required to complete the installation
 Disruption to hotel guests and office staff
 Disruption to property structure
 Security of hotels guests’ and owners’ file transmissions
 Flexibility of use
 Ease of use
 Cost involved € € €
Hotel Owner Motivations
 Increase revenues and profitability
 Increase revenue per room
 Increase average room rate
 Maintain customer satisfaction
 Satisfy brand standards
 Attract business travelers
Sample Architecture
Wireless Hotspot Solution
Broadband Satellite
‘in-building’ Solution
For distributed internet in a
commercial building
Broadband Satellite Solution
Scenario : Hotel Internet Access with VLAN
Case Scenario : Billing Gateway
Customer Office
PLC Network
Web Content
& Security
Billing &
Monitoring &
iBridge User
 The Billing Gateway is a separate device with valued added features
Sales Applications
 High Speed Internet Access to any building e.g.
 Building services automation
 Building security surveillance
 Remote monitoring and control
 Any IP based application where PLC can be used
instead of traditional CAT5 cabling or WiFi
Site Survey
 Conduct and complete checklist
 Consider number of floors and rooms to PLC enable
 Number of electrical Main Panels
 Number of sub panels per floor
 Access to local electrician for connection of Couplers
and RG6U coaxial cable runs
 A typical 100 room hotel requires the following:
– 1 x Gateway, 1 x eXtender
– 6 -10 Couplers
– ‘n’ x iBridges (typically 10 units or one modem per
 Convenient high-speed Internet access
– Connect from any electrical outlet in any room, meeting room
or public area for maximum flexibility
 Simple and quick to install
– Minimal wiring and cabling is needed
– The network already exists in the building
– Eliminates any concern
– Installation is non-disruptive
– Cost-effective, scalable system
Where to get more information
 OFDM Tutorial
– www.see.ed.ac.uk/~acmc/OFDMTut.html
Thank you
Josep Pocalles
[email protected]