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July 6, 2008
Pray for International missionaries
Bryan and Stacey Intemann and their
two children:
1. For continued cultural and language
2. For protection as they travel.
3. For a strong finish to their first term in
4. For the transition in August to their
stateside assignment in Tulsa.
July 13, 2008
Pray for Oklahoma missionaries
Dale and Ann Rogers:
1. For God-called dedicated men to serve as
pastors of pastorless churches.
2. For spiritual awakening in churches and
towns of LeFlore Association.
3. For money to use to purchase property
and build a mission house for
missionaries and their families.
4. For protection as they travel across the
July 20, 2008
Pray for International missionaries
Walter and Nicki Duncan (not their
real names) and their children:
1. For them as they study the language, and for
clear minds and clear pronunciation to
communicate clearly.
2. For them to be led by the Spirit daily.
3. For university students and professionals who are
“believers” in this Buddhist country.
4. For open doors to teach Korean at the university.
5. For wisdom, in a developing country where the
poverty and humanitarian needs are
overwhelming, to know how, when, and how
much to help.
July 27, 2008
Pray for North American missionaries
James and Penny Scott:
1. For partnership churches and associations
to help with starting and building
2. For volunteers to staff the many needs and
vacancies in the Redwood Empire
3. For six or eight summer missionaries each
4. For church starter pastors and leaders.
5. For help in funding and church building