Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism Venn Diagram

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Transcript Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism Venn Diagram

Confucianism and NeoConfucianism Venn Diagram
Mrs. Tucker
7th Grade World History/Honors
Cobalt Institute of Math and Science
Created in 600 B.C.E.
Confucius and his followers believed that a
good government depended on having wise
leaders who ruled to benefit the people. The
Civil Service Exams introduced by Han rulers
were a product of Confucian ideas – these
exams were supposed to recruit talented
government officials
The Fall: when the Han Dynasty fell, no
national government existed to give the civil
service exams, therefore Confucianism lost
much support and Buddhism began to grow.
Tang Dynasty gave much support to NeoConfucianism, and later the Song Dynasty
Was created in part, to reduce Buddhism’s
It taught that life in this world was just as
important as the afterlife – followers were
expected to take part in life and help others
This new form of Confucianism picked up on
some Buddhist and Daoist beliefs
It became more than a system of rules for
being good, it became a religion with beliefs
about the spiritual world.
Taught if people followed Confucius’s
teachings, they would find peace of mind
and live in harmony with nature
Believed balance between man and nature
Became a way to strengthen the government
Similarities of both Confucianism
and Neo-Confucianism
• Patriarchal
• Bureaucracy based on Civil Service Exams
• Followed the Teachings of Confucius and
• Emphasizes Traditions
• Respects Elders
• Keeps the Social Hierarchy