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Postoperative home care
1.condition : apply cold compress on face skin in treated
Interval : each hour for 1-3 min.
Cold (ice cubes) is important for oedema prevention,reduces
oedema, improves the healing and decreases the pain.
2.condition : nutrition – only cold non alcoholic drinks in total amount a
1,5 – 2,0 l per day , mixed, cold food / yogurt, potatotes, ../
2.-14. day – mixed food with contains of proteins,
vitamins and minerals.
Postoperative home care
3.condition : mouth rinsing – is strictly forbidden mouth rinsing by water
or by using the herbal or disinfective solutions !
2. - – rinsing by agrimony tea ,
several times per day , mainly after meel,
4.condition : stop physical activity for 2 weeks
stop sunbath
for possibilities of infective complications stay at
Postoperative home care
5.condition : toothbrushing
It is necessary to brush teeth in opposite dental arch (e.g
when periodontal dressing is applied on lower dental arch,
toothbrushing is provided in upper ).
Use toothbrush and toothpaste (one half amount than
normally) , carefully make rinsing by using warmish or
cold water
6.condition : role of periodontal dressing
- to protect operated area against to contact with food
and possible infection /PN/
- make progress in healing
- decrease pain
Postoperative home care
6.condition : role of periodontal dressing
This is applied on wound for 14 days.
After 1 week it be changed to the new one and at the same
time suture is removed.
When dressing get loose – is necessary after short period
apply the new one
7.condition : sleeping
Mainly during first night postoperative, you sleep in
increased position of head. You can not sleep in position on
belly! The operated area will be overheat and result is
bleeding or oedema.
Postoperative home care
8.condition : postoperative pain
Generally pain is very weak. The most commom used are
( Paralen, Ibufein, Valetol, ..)
Never use medicaments which contain acetylosalicylic acid
( t.j. Acylpyrin, Anopyrin, Superpyrin, Alnagon)
- they increase possibility of bleeding from operative area !
Postoperative care
Procedure : – surgical treatment - control : oedema, pain, bleeding,
locally 3% H2O2 ,
sol.gencian violet- FL, VO : – removing of periodontal dressing and suture,
locally 3% H2O2 ,
sol.gencian violet- FL, VO
aplication of new periodontal dressing
Postoperative care – removing of periodontal dressing
locally 3% H2O2 ,
sol.gencian violet- FL, VO
+ instruction about gingival massage , resp.
scar massage - VO
Gingival massage by using cotton stick
massage +
by using
the rubber