Health Risks of Drug Use

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Transcript Health Risks of Drug Use

Health Risks of Drug Use
Substance Abuse
• Substance abuse is any unnecessary or
improper use of chemical substances
for non-medical purposes.
• Illegal drugs – chemical substances
that people of any age may not
lawfully manufacture, possess, buy, or
Substance Abuse
• Overdose – a strong sometimes fatal
reaction to taking large amount of a
• Tolerance – body becomes accustomed
to drug, user needs more to achieve
desired effect.
Effects of Drug Use
• Psychological dependence
• Physical dependence
• Addiction
Three Brutal Realities of Addiction
• 1. Addictions can become stronger that you.
– Lose power of choice
• 2. It’s not just about you.
– Your behavior affects family and friends.
• 3. Drugs destroy dreams.
– Every aspect of your life is impacted –
emotions, finances, relationships, grades,
Roots of Addiction
1. Insecurity
2. Peer Pressure
3. Painful experience
4. Rebellion
5. Escape
6. Curiosity
Consequences for the Individual
• Stop pursuing interests and goals
• Lowers inhibitions
• Leading factor in teen depression and
• Increased violence, crime, accidental
Consequences for Family and
• Stop spending time with friends who
are drug free
• Causes tension, anger, guilt in family
Consequences for Society
Drug-related crime and violence
Lost work hours
Higher health care costs and legal fees
Law enforcement costs
• One of the most widely used illegal
• Considered a gateway drug – a drug
that can lead the user to more
dangerous drugs.
• Contains more cancer causing
chemicals than tobacco smoke.
• Males – lowers levels of the male
hormone testosterone and interferes
with sperm production.
• Females – increases levels of
testosterone which can lead to
• Increases the level of brain chemical
dopamine, causes intense “high,” then
dramatic drop or “crash.”
• Slows mental reflexes
• Can cause feelings of anxiety,
paranoia, dizziness, or distorted
• Substances whose fumes are sniffed or
inhaled to give effect.
• Two harmful effects:
• 1. Depress central nervous system
• 2. Permanent loss of brain cells
• Synthetic substances similar to male
• Harmful effects of steroid use:
• Mood swings
• Violent behavior
• Depression
• Paranoia
Positive Addictions
• Addictions do not have to be harmful.
• Positive addictions can fill holes rather
than drug use.
Positive Addictions
• Examples –exercise, sports, music,
hobbies, learning, family, faith, friends.
• The key is making the right choices –
who you spend your time with and
how that time is spent.