L1 Drugs-High risk behavior

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Transcript L1 Drugs-High risk behavior

Drug Use and abuse
Lesson 1
“High Risk Behavior”
What is Substance abuse
SA is any unnecessary or
improper use of chemical
substances for non-medical
Illegal drugs or “Street Drugs”
are chemicals that people of any age may NOT
lawfully manufacture, posses, buy or sell.
Illicit Drug use, the use or sale of any substance
that is illegal or otherwise NOT permitted.
“To Use or Not to use, That is the
Peer Pressure-the influence that people
your age have on you.
Family members-can help with
resistance or can encourage if they
also use.
Role Models-people you admire and
want to imitate. Coaches, athletes, models,
actors etc..
Media Messages-TV, Internet, Radio,
can send mix messages about drug use.
Perceptions-Society’s drug behaviors can be
inaccurate (“but everyone is doing it”)
2003 80% 13 year olds had NOT used drugs.
Consequences of Drugs use
Physical Consequences
Harm to the Brain, heart, lungs, and other
vital organs.
Overdose-strong or fatal reaction to taking
large amounts of a drug.
-Injection of drugs can lead to Hepatitis
B & HIV.
More Consequences of Drugs use
Drugs cloud reasoning and thinking, lose
of control of behavior.
Loss of positive beliefs, values, and ideals
once used to guide conduct.
More Consequences of Drugs use
Social Consequences.
Drug use can and does have
negative effects on society,
relationships with, friends, family,
co-workers, school .
It also is a major factor in
crimes, suicides, and injuries.
Understanding Addiction
As in alcohol addiction, drugs addiction has many
of the same characteristics.
Tolerance-Abuser needs more and more to get
the same effect.
Psychological dependence-a person believes
they need the drug in order to function (mind is
Physiological dependence-the user has a
chemical need for the drug (body is addicted).
Discussion Groups
List 3 costs to society due to drug use
Give examples on how they directly affect
Why do heavy drug users have such a
hard time quitting or achieving long term
goals of being drug free.