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Basic Geography
• Jamaica is about 4243 Sq
• Capital of Jamaica is
• Landforms mountain,
waterfalls, rivers, plains,
caves, bays, and beaches.
Such as Blue Mountains,
Black River, and the White
• Bodies of waters are the
west Atlantic ocean and the
gulf of Mexico.
• Hot tropical and humid
along shore cooler inland
Demographic & Economy
• Population is 2,804,332,
mortality is
population, literacy rate
• GDP of Latin America is
5.26.Jamaica is 20.88
• Constitutional
parliamentary democracy.
leaders Patrick Allen Bruce
• Currency name : Jamaican
dollar. Exchange rate is
• Jamaica gained it
independence in 1962
august 6.
• Inhabited by arwak
Indians remained under
Spanish rule until 1655.
• Drug trade with the
united kingdom.
• There independence
was and important
They speak English and there religion
is roman catholic or protestant.
Otabeite apple is a remedy for
Getting married is, of course, a rather
significant commitment between two
people. In Jamaica, the wedding
ceremony is an integral part of the
celebration, with elaborate plans and
large gatherings of family and friends.
While many of the old-time traditions
are no longer practiced, some have
survived the test of time.
A traditional wedding in Jamaica
typically meant the whole village or
community where the couple lived was
involved in the ceremony. Relatives of
the couple, along with members of the
community, prepared for the ceremony.
While today’s modern couples often
seek the assistance of wedding
consultants or planners, once upon a
time the responsibility for planning fell
naturally to those who lived nearby and
knew the couple.
Map leader
Current issues
• Heavy rates of deforestation in the country
• Coastal waters polluted by sewage, oil and
industrial waste.
• Large of unemployment
• Depends heavily on tourism
• I think that depending on tourism is a bad thing
to do what happens if all them buildings get
washed away how do they plan to make money.
I think that they should do a little more trade then
depending on tourism.h