Communist Effects of East/South East Asia

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Transcript Communist Effects of East/South East Asia

Communist Effects of
East/South East Asia
Alexandre LeMaire
Limited purchasing options for
Most citizen work on farms
Subsistence farming
Businesses must follow strict rules
Lower GDP in most countries
Caused war in North Korea and Vietnam
Domino Theory or the rapid spread of
communism spreading through and
taking over Asia
Communism in the countries of China,
Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
One child policy
Large food shortages
Control of media
Discouragement of religion
Uniforms and less individuality
Restrictions on music and literature
Abuse of human rights
Negative Effects
Human rights abuse
Subsistence farming
Cause of war in Korea and Vietnam
Lower GDP
Control of media
I believe the solutions to these negative
communistic effects lie in the change of their
government. In the majority of cases, human rights
abuse and economic downfall follow communism. A
change in government through military action could
prove to be the solution to this by eliminating the
source of the problem. This has been proven through
Vietnam where there is now a democratic
government in place and the country is now in better
economic, political and social standings.
Conclusion by Emily Sprainis
Although it would be beneficial to create a new form a government, it
would not happen easily. Some of the countries in this area are very
strong and would not be easily beat. What would happen if they
actually won and possibly took over countries like the United States?
That could mean that the U.S. government would become communist
and it would be even harder to eliminate communism and its abuse on
human rights. We need to find alternate solutions. For example,
another possible solution is to try and get the media to actually show
what is really going on in the country, that way, the world and the
people there could actually see what is happening. That could turn
everyone against the government, then it would be easier to fight and
change the form of government that way. And the people of the media
could not get into too many problems because more people would be
on their side as well.
Going back to the first solution provided, the first step necessary in
getting the government to change by military action is to invade the
area with troops from a country willing to try and change the area to a
different form of government.