Transcript Tuxedo

• Advertising is, a set of
techniques, strategies, applications, forms
and contexts of communication designed
to persuade people of something.
The purpose of advertising communication is to
attract the attention of the addressee to
the ad, gaining him or her interest of
an object, a brand or an idea, to
stimulate their desire and cause an action or
behavior directed towards the acquisition of the
advertised product.
• The woman is a prime target
for advertising.
• Specialists know that
they are the most
important consumer
group and large from the
standpoint of the interests of
the market: about 80% of
all purchases are made by
• There are advertisements for women and ads
with women, in which the woman gives her
body to the connotation of the products,
whether if she is the destinatary or not.
• The analysis of the commercials of recent
times, shows that at present it doesn’t seem
to be a canonical model of a woman.
• The variety which take the forms
of representation of women has
diversified. An obvious example is that the
last few years have begun to show beautiful
black women in cosmetics ads,
something unthinkable a few years ago.
• Some advertisements show images
of women that constitutes a
violation of human rights
as they put in
the dignity
and integrity
of women.
• There is lots of sexist publicity that
uses the image of woman as a sexual
• Other ads increase gender inequality
by developing the view of women like
inferior than men.
In this example
we can see
clearly how the
image of women
is discriminated.
• The different stereotypes of women
are used in plublicity.
The ones more used
in advertisements are:
– The beautiful woman
– Women as a sexual
– Housewife
• With
a sexy and provocative announcement, do
you want to reach women, toencourage
them to buy this new bra two sizes to
increase the bust or are looking to bethe
men who are captivated by watching
• Perhaps the latter also encourages women
to buy the garment ...
• In much advertising women serves as
a vehicle to symbolize male success.
For man and woman is like a trophy.
We hope you liked it.
Say no to advertising stereotypes!
Alba Sansa, Judit Gabandé and Cristina Jauset