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Do Now
What are 3 moral codes that you live by?
Who taught you these codes and why do
you feel they are important?
– Example:
 One code that I live by is: My mommy always tells
me that if I don’t have anything nice to say then I
shouldn’t say anything at all. This is an important
moral code to me because……
Got Ethics?
The importance of ethics is explored.
What are employers expecting from
Ethical Dilemmas
Answer yes or no to the following three questions. Be honest with
yourself. Maybe is not an acceptable answer. Explain why you would
or wouldn’t.
1.) A friend asks you to say they were at your house Friday night. You
don’t know where the friend really was- would you be that person’s
2.) A good friend of yours is accepted to the college you both want to
attend. She tells you she added many school and civic activities
that she did not actually participate in to beef up her application.
Would you try her method?
3.) Some equipment was stolen from the school’s gym. A boy who isn’t
very well liked is being blamed and expelled, but he really didn’t do
it and you know who did. Would you tell a teacher or someone in
Guidelines for human behavior; the study
of moral choice and values.
– Morals: Evaluated in terms of right and
 Formed from outside influences
– Parents, teachers, friends, religions, culture, etc.
You must strive to recognize between
right and wrong, then choose what is
Your Ethical Principles
Take a minute to list some of the ethical
principles you have adopted for your life.
Where did you learn them and who taught
them to you.
 Example
– Abstinence until marriage- Parents, Religion
Ethical Standards
We have ethical standards to uphold in
everyday life- LAWS, Federal regulations
 Standards: Accepted levels of behavior to
which individual behavior is compared.
 Don’t act in ethical manner= suffer
 Utility principle- the idea that the right
action is the one that is best for everyone.
– “The Golden Rule”
Business Ethics
Applying principles of right and wrong to
the workplace situations.
– Following rules and regulation
– Taking pride in accomplishments on the job
and for the work itself
– Area of growing concern in today’s workplace
– Declining work ethic
Code of Ethics
A systematic set of rules and procedures
used to guide behavior of an individual, a
business, or a culture.
 Employee duties- fulfill the job
responsibilities and give the employer a
fair day’s work for the pay earned.
 Employee rights: equal opportunity, fair
pay, safe working conditions.
Nike Code of Ethics
Inside the lines
Consequences of Unethical
– You will be fired.
– Jail time if illegal- Martha Stewart
– Poor public relations may result
– Decrease profits for business
– Possible lawsuits
– Jail time for those involved if illegal- Enron
Whistle Blower
If you work for a business and do not
report unethical practices you could be
held accountable.
 A employee who reports the activity may
be identified as a whistle blower.
IT’S your choice..
 If you practice unethical behavior then it
will become habit.
Unethical Behavior