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Introduction to Animal
Legislation and Ethics
Ethics =
moral principles, rules
(personal or imposed) and
standards of conduct.
An ethical issue may be in conflict
with legislation:
You may be asked to do something you
feel is unethical eg dock dogs tails.
You may be required to do something you
feel is unethical eg dob in a Jewish friend
in Nazi Germany.
You may feel it unethical not to do
something the law does not allow eg
Factors that influences ethical
Religion or ethnic group or culture.
Socio-economic status or occupation.
Experiences or what you have heard/read.
Why is ethics important in
Veterinary Nursing?
You will face ethical questions daily:
euthanasia or treat, level of treatment?
procedures such as tail docking, debarking.
destruction of healthy animals.
Others may have different ethical stance: