06-3 Biodiversity

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- the sum of
based org.
in the
Other types of diversity
~ Ecosystem diversity - includes habitats,
communities, and processes
~ Species diversity - # of dif. species in biosphere
~ Genetic diversity - all dif. forms of genetic
info for all life forms on the planet!
* food
* medicine - pain killers, antibiotics, heart
drugs, anticancer drugs etc.
* industrial products
Threats to biodiversity
Human impact is #1
Threats to biodiversity
1.) Habitat alteration
* land development splits habitats and
destroys others
*this makes the species that live there more fragile
and open to harm from further change
Threats to biodiversity
2.) Demand for wildlife products
* hunting has made some species extinct!
* fur, meat, body parts thought to have
medicinal qualities
* most endangered species are now protected
from hunting - but poaching continues to
be huge problem
Threats to biodiversity
3.) Pollution major factor is
toxic compound
accumulation -
magnification fig. 6-16
Threats to biodiversity
4.) Invasive species - non-native species
that reproduce rapidly due to lack
of predators.
~ often overcrowd native species and overtake the
habitat thus destroying or changing the
ex: zebra mussles - in Lake Erie - have pushed
some species to near extinction!
Conservation Strategies
*captive breeding programs at zoos
*set aside land to protect certain
ecosystems - parks/reserves
* limiting hunting and fishing to certain
* imposing stricter laws against pollution
and mining for natural resources