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Water Is Water, H2O, Right?
Water Still Is a Mysterious Substance
Decades Ago Russian Scientists (and
Later Japanese Discovered) That
Electrolysis of Water Can Produce
Superoxide Water
Superoxide-water is a powerful,
yet environmentally benign, pesticide,
fungicide and disinfectant that leaves
no residue whatsoever
When Chlorine is added to water
hypochlorous acid forms which is
a strong oxidant and disrupts enzymes
Sterilox is a dilute mixture of mild
oxidants at neutral pH with the single
largest component species being
common salt. With electrolysis:
The primary active species in
STERILOX is hypochlorous
acid which is a powerful
disinfectant but completely nontoxic in the small concentrations
necessary in Sterilox.
BLEACHING (Irrigation)
The irrigant of choice in modern endodontic
therapy is :
 Sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient
in household bleach.
When Doing Endo
Life’s a Bleach.
The Sodium hypochlorite Story