A Midsummer`s Night Dream

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Transcript A Midsummer`s Night Dream

A Midsummer’s Night Dream
Act 1 Scene 1
Act 1
Theseus, Hermia, Lysander, and Helena face
are facing many problems, and they decide how
they are going to solve them.
Background Information
Time and Place
The characters Theseus and Hippolyta were borrowed
from Greek mythology.
In Greek Mythology:
Theseus was considered a hero of Athens. He was
thought to be a friend of Heracles (Hercules)
Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons, a group of female
. Theseus took her as his prisoner and then married
Vocabulary Preview
austerity n. condition of lacking pleasure or luxury
beguile v. to trick
cloister n. place where members of a religious
community live
dote v. to love with foolish fondness
extenuate v. to lessen the seriousness of
feign v. to pretend
idolatry n. false worship
reveling enjoying festivities
Duke Theseus of Athens is the cousin of
Hercules (the mythic strong man of Greek
 When Shakespeare introduces us to
Theseus in Act 1 scene 1 he is anxiously
awaiting his upcoming marriage to
 Hippolyta is an Amazon queen he
captured in battle
Characters continued
Egeus is a nobleman and the old fashioned
father of Hermia
Hermia is in love with Lysander, but is set to
marry Demetrius.
Lysander is a young nobleman and a rival of
Demetrius is a nobleman who is in love with
Helena is an old friend of Hermia’s, who is in
love with Demetrius.
The Rundown
Act 1 Scene 1
The scene takes place at the palace of Duke
Theseus of Athens
Four days before the wedding of Theseus to
Egeus arrives at court with his daughter Hermia
and two rivals Demetrius and Lysander
Egeus demands that Hermia marry Demetrius
his choice of a husband
Shakespeare reveals to us that Hermia would
rather marry Lysander
The Rundown continued
Egeus believes that Lysander is responsible for
Hermia’s disobedience
Theseus agrees with Egeus that Demetrius is a
good match for Hermia
Theseus states that according to law a daughter
must obey her father, and failure to do so results
in execution or a life in a convent.
Lysander declares that he is an equal suitor
Theseus plans on talking to Demetrius about
dating Helena and abandoning her.
Lysander speaks to Hermia in private and
reminds her that love always has plenty
obstacles and unsolicited advice.
 Lysander suggests to Hermia that they
avoid Athenian law and elope to his
wealthy Aunt’s 16 miles from Athens.
 Hermia accepts Lysander’s proposal, and
they tell Helena who in turn tells
What approaching event is referred to in
the opening lines of the play?
 Who were the Amazons?
 What purpose of the opening scene?
 What is the point of Lysander’s comment
that “The course of true love never did run
 Who is more influenced by money
Lysander or Demetrius?
Questions continued
Who is more influenced by love Lysander
or Demetrius?
 Why would Demetrius deserve a scolding
from Theseus?
 Consider the elopement plans. Why does
the plan take into consideration distance,
law, money, a doting widowed aunt, a
short period of time, the woods, and the