Production of statistics

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The production process of
statistical releases in
Statistics Finland
Study visit of the State Statistical Service of
Ukraine 21 - 24 September 2015
Markku Huttunen
Production of statistics
- Statistics Finland produces about 190 different statistics
on 26 topics (>)
- Some statistics are compiled monthly or quarterly,
some annually or less frequently
- New statistical data are released comprehensively and
free-of-charge on the Internet. Roughly 600 releases are made
per year in Finnish and Swedish, 440 in English (>)
- Each set of statistics has its own homepage containing the
releases, reviews, tables and figures of the statistics as well as
information on data collection methodology and data sources, etc.
Markku Huttunen
Dissemination the data of official statistics
- Publication
– An entity that describes a single set of statistics at a certain
reference time in one package (HTML, PDF)
– Statistical release + a more extensive text section + table + figure
annexes + standardised quality description = publication
– Publications are made and published by statisticians in the
statistical units according to common rules and tools
- Database
– Tables in statistical database (StatFin/PX-Web) for all sets of
- The role is to release basic data on the official statistics
– Publication and database tables are interlinked
– Both publications and database tables are archived for later usage
Markku Huttunen
Changing over from a printed statistical system
of data dissemination to an electronic one
- Statistical information has been reported, released and disseminated
in the form of printed publications
- Statistics Finland’s oldest statistical publication series has been
published for over 250 years (>)
- Now the traditional form of publishing has disappeared
– That is: tables and the information needed in their interpretation in one
volume in a publication series of official statistics
– Challenge: how will the statistical data published today only in
electronic format be available in 10 or 30 years’ time?
– Solution: we must keep published publications and data permanently
accessible to users is an essential element of a good information
service in time (>)
Markku Huttunen
Roles of an electronic statistical publication
and a table database (1)
- Tables in databases are different than tables in publications
(printed or electronic)
– Database tables are not archived as text, tables and graphs
published in printed-, HTML- or PDF-publications are
- In database tables, data on older observations are always
published according to the latest situation
- Linking an electronic publication to the related database tables
is a problem: data only correspond with each other at the
moment of publishing
Markku Huttunen
Roles of an electronic statistical publication
and table database (2)
- Publications and related database tables are archived
– All PC-Axis files published in the PX-Web database are saved
– Database archive is not yet opened to the public, though
- When electronic publications and the related database tables are
archived (unchanged) -> two advantages:
– 1) It makes sense to link the tables published in the database
to the publication
– 2) A comprihensive database archive is created for the tables
published in the PX-Web database (>)
Markku Huttunen
Multichannel data dissemination
- The channels and formats in dissemination
Publications: HTML, PDF
Database: PX-Web, PX-file
Map services: Map animations (Statistics eXplorer)
Notifications: E-mail, RSS
Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook , SlideShare, Blog, YouTube,
– Information service: LiveZhat
- Devices users use
– Desktop computer, tablets, mobile phones, phaplets, apps for
IOS/Android/Windows Phone, etc...
- Different standards
– W3C accessibility standards, open data, SDMX data transfer, etc…
Markku Huttunen
Strengths and weaknesses of different
formats : print / pdf A4 / tablet / mobile
Markku Huttunen
XML based dissemination process - XML
and PC-Axis
Figure: Harri Lehtinen
Markku Huttunen
Further information
- Official Statistics of Finland (>)
– Recommendations of the Advisory Board of Official Statistics
of Finland (>)
- Common Structure of Statistical Information (CoSSI)
– Technical documentation and DTD´S of the XML publication
system (>)
– Some papers about the implementatation of the XML-based
publication process (>)
- Any questions?
– [email protected]
Markku Huttunen