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Public Sector
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Content Analytics
Latin American Federal Police
Improving Intelligence Operations
The need
• To improve organization’s capability to target and arrest
• To fuse information from disparate sources to form a single view
of a citizen
• To provide access to an overwhelming amount of content
through a search interface
The solution
• Extract facts, entities and concepts from unstructured sources
like crime and investigation reports.
• Insights are surfaced through a search and correlation
application for the purposes of Identity Resolution, single view
of the citizen, and viewing of person records.
• 500M unstructured records across multiple systems, are
collected, stored and analyzed
• Enables analytics-driven searches of both structured and
unstructured information
• Implemented in a pattern Identity Insight and i2 that is repeated
in other policing, intelligence, security and taxing agencies
The benefits
• Help identify persons of interest and their relationships
• Help identify locations of past and planned criminal activity
• Increase human safety in a particularly difficult region
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Content Analytics
Border Security Agency
Keeping the border open to travel and closed to crime
The need
• To identify contraband activity effectively
• To reduce criminal activity
• To leverage unstructured sources of information
The solution
• Designed with Natural Language Processing (NLP)
technologies to enable extraction of facts through targeted
dictionaries and rules
• Search interface available to find information of interest.
• Planned for future integration with IBM Identity Insight
software to enhance Identity Resolution Capability
The benefits
• Improve ability to incorporate text based information into
Identity Resolution
• Provide access to text based information for security agency
investigations on a broad scale
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Content Analytics
Canadian City Police
Keeping social communications open
The need
This police service needed a solution that would enable its social media
platform to manage itself by automatically detecting and hiding
inappropriate content from the public while dealing with it in a more
acceptable manner.
The solution
IBM Business Partner Integritie approached the department with a
solution that would be able to integrate and work with existing
infrastructure while adding stronger controls and more flexible best
practices. Integritie introduced its cloud-based solution, SMC4, which
helps provide a filter for incoming content.
The benefits
By implementing a suite of IBM Enterprise Content Management software,
this organization now has a solution that helps them gain complete
control over the content that is included on its social media sites,
filtering inappropriate comments that are not fit for public consumption.
The department can now share information through social media based on
individual access levels. Keeping the community informed through
prioritized and scheduled messaging is now possible in the SMC4
environment, providing information regarding traffic patterns or other
community announcements.
The solution has been so helpful that they are looking to expand the use
of SMC4 technology by introducing it to additional public organizations,
including the Mayor’s office and the fire and rescue team.
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Content Analytics
Government Intelligence Agency
Intelligently identifying global threats
The need
• To improve organization’s capability to understand terrorist
elements and associated persons
• To quickly fuse information from disparate sources for agents
and other staff
• To analyze and understand relationships between terrorist and
associated activities
The solution
IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search solution
implemented to:
• Extract key facts and entities from unstructured information
• Create a social network hub that combines structured and
unstructured content giving staff better visibility into terrorist
activity and patterns
The benefits
• Helps identify terror suspects and their associations &
• Provides information to agents in hours, not days or weeks
• Uncovers previously unknown relationships between,
suspects, persons of interest and activities
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Content Analytics
Large City Police Department
Arming the police with the information they need.
The Need
Search and analyze complaints, police reports, 911
records, arrest records, and data marts, buried in
silos of information, to find that basic keyword search
can never find because they are all described
The Solution
Implemented IBM Content Analytics, customized with
department-specific case management analytics, to
extract key facts and entities from unstructured
information to enable insight and understanding
across all silos
The Benefit
Events are categorized to allow for concept search
and analysis across unstructured content. Officers
now have an aggregated view of information.
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Content Analytics
Japanese Government Agency
Improving consumer communication by analyzing product
The need
quality information.
To better protect consumers from the damages caused by faulty
products, a government office in Japan was formed to integrate the
notification process by providing a single point of contact through
which people would file complaints. This government office also
wanted to find ways to better disseminate recall notifications to
consumers and increase the return rate of recalled products.
The solution
The government office engaged IBM to develop a recall information
analysis system using IBM Content Analytics software to:
• Analyze large volumes of information on incidents and warnings
accumulated from its internally managed databank system
• Analyze consumer complaints gathered by a national consumerinformation-network system
• Provide a portal site for collecting and analyzing recall information
from websites operated by various government ministries and
The benefits
• Delivers a single source of recall information through a portal
• Enables horizontal access to all available recall information for
• Provides email notification capabilities to help improve user
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Content Analytics
Seton Healthcare Family
Reducing CHF readmissions to improve care
The need
Seton Healthcare strives to reduce the occurrence of high cost
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) readmissions by proactively
identifying patients likely to be readmitted on an emergent basis.
The solution
IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare solution will
help to better target and understand high-risk CHF patients for care
management programs by:
• Utilizing natural language processing to extract key elements from
unstructured History and Physical, Discharge Summaries,
Echocardiogram Reports, and Consult Notes
• Leveraging predictive models that have demonstrated high
positive predictive value against extracted elements of structured
and unstructured data
• Providing an interface through which providers can intuitively
navigate, interpret and take action
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The benefits
• Seton will be able to proactively target care management and
reduce re-admission of CHF patients.
• Teaming unstructured content with predictive analytics, Seton will
be able to identify patients likely for re-admission and introduce
early interventions to reduce cost, mortality rates, and improved
patient quality of life
Content Analytics
A Healthcare and University Partnership
Unlocking Biomedical informatics answers
The need
Existing Biomedical Informatics (BMI) resources were disjointed
and non-interoperable, available only to a small fraction of
researchers, and frequently redundant. No capability to tap
into the wealth of research information trapped in
unstructured clinical notes, diagnostic reports, and more
The solution
IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search and IBM
InfoSphere Warehouse to leverage unstructured and
unstructured information by:
• Extracting key elements from clinical notes, patient notes and
records and other unstructured content
• Quickly processing and analyzing huge volumes of structured
and unstructured data
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The benefits
• Researchers now able to see new trends, patterns and find
answers in days instead of weeks or months eliminating
manual methods also enables new grant revenue
• Researchers can quickly answer key questions previously
unavailable. Examples include Does the patient smoke?, How
often and for how long?, If smoke free, how long? What home
medications is the patient taking? What is the patient sent
home with? What was the diagnosis and what procedures
performed on patient?
Content Analytics
A Healthcare Organization Implements Proactive Patient Care
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The need
Medicare and Medicaid will begin charging penalties for what they see as
excessive hospital readmissions. For many hospitals facing readmission
rates for heart conditions as high as 25 percent, those Medicare and
Medicaid readmissions alone will total more than USD1 million in fines.
One hospital system in the United States realized that a key to reducing
readmissions was to ensure that patients follow up on tests and
treatments after discharge, staying healthier and reducing the likelihood
of further adverse health events such as infection and relapse.
The solution
• Hospital staff can now use the solution to analyze unstructured text for
key discharge terminology, convert that text into structured data, and
generate alerts and reports for patients’ primary care doctors and other
• Clearer data and better communication between health professionals
helps ensure that patients keep their follow-up appointments and
complete their post-discharge treatment
• Not only can patients stay healthier, but the hospital can also save
millions of dollars on costly hospital readmissions.
The benefits
• Expected to prevent approximately USD1.1 million in Medicare and
Medicaid penalty fines in areas of treatment with high readmission rates
• Expected to significantly reduce the overall number of hospital
• Expected to help improve recovery speeds by helping more patients
follow up on treatments after discharge
• Expected to improve communications between staff, patients and followup caregivers by converting free text into searchable, reportable
structured data
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Content Analytics
Private Investment and Wealth Management Company
Public site search
The need
A private wealth management company needed an enhanced
search platform for their public portal to accurately and
effortlessly provide meaningful and targeted information to
The solution
IBM Content Analytics, with flexible relevancy tuning and query
expansion, directs customers to sought after information, even
when customers query for the same piece of information in
different ways, such as using different terms or keywords which
refer to the same concept.
The benefits
Query Expansion and advanced relevancy tuning ensures
customers can easily reach the information they are looking for
even when the same piece of information can be referenced in
different ways.
Quick Links allows marketing to enhance specific, sought after
queries with targeted results.
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Query Expansion allows marketing to directly influence results
for popular queries to better control search engine
Content Analytics
Financial Institution
Exposing potential fraud with content analytics
The need
A European financial Institution wanted to investigate
fraudulent behavior by exploring internet sites for actions that
might pose a threat to its members.
The solution
The company contracted with IBM to utilize IBM Content
Analytics software to analyze a selected set of websites,
investigate their findings and report findings back
The benefits
Rapidly determine the types intrusion correlating bank terms
with news about a known hacker using the out of the box
extraction capabilities, prevention scenarios and frequently
vulnerable operation systems.
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Content Analytics
Global Insurance & Financial Service Organization
Slashing risk exposure with analytics
The need
• Reducing the loss ratio on claims
• Attack fraud
• Maintain optimal level of reserves
The solution
• Automate the search of 15 different data sources going back
15 years for greater insight into claim losses and insured policy
lifecycle changes
• Enable knowledge-driven searches of both structured and
unstructured information
• Provide one version of the truth by validating policy data
across applications and databases
• Rapidly build additional internal/external data sources as
The benefits
• Improve risk assessment models by uncovering unexpected
patterns and associations among existing data sources
• Set adequate reserves with a better understanding of the
factors contributing to claims losses
• Pinpoint fraud with data mining to identify triggers that may
signal bogus claims
• Save millions of dollars in staff time and get results more
quickly by automating the risk assessment process
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General Business
Manufacturing, Retail,
& Distribution
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Content Analytics
Global Food and Beverage Company
Secure search through the portal
The need
• Corporate Portal Search across Connections, Quickr,
• Intranet search across site and Connections
• Personalized search space based on business function
The solution
The company contracted with IBM to implement IBM
Content Analytics software, providing a search interface
across IBM and non-IBM Products
• Initially configured ICA against Connections, Quickr, and
SharePoint for Portal Refresh Project
• Configured SSO with SiteMinder and Failover with Tivoli
• Aimed at providing cross repository search with high
• Rollout underway for Intranet Site
• Enterprise Plans for additional sites and geographies
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The benefits
• Reduce time and cost for searching across disparate
• Provide a complete view of content through portal
Content Analytics
A Car Rental Agency & Mindshare Technologies
Quickly identifying customer satisfaction trends
The need
A car rental company needed to better understand customer
feedback to adapt its business accordingly. Most of its
valuable information was trapped inside free-form
customer feedback surveys and the company’s staff was
required to read each customer comment submitted via
email or phone and then manually categorized it.
The solution
The company created a “Voice of the Customer” analytics
system to automatically capture customer experiences
• Customer comments are captured in real time to be
transformed into actionable intelligence
• Linguistic rules automatically analyze and tag unstructured
content into meaningful service reporting categories
The benefits
• Improved accuracy and speed of the customer feedback
analysis process
• Quick identification of trends or issues and adjustment
operational service levels accordingly
• Focused attention by field managers to perform deep-dive
analysis of customer comments
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Content Analytics
A Fast Food Restaurant & Mindshare Technologies
Improving customer and employee satisfaction
The need
• To better understand customer feedback
• To translate survey information into actionable intelligence
• To listen the voice of the customer in real time
• To immediately communicate information to the field
• To reward superior performance
The solution
The company created a customer survey and response
system to automatically capture customer experiences
• Customers are invited to leave feedback
• Feedback is captured via integrated phone and web
• Real-time feedback is transformed into actionable
• Information is populated into real-time reports
• Field managers use the information to improve operations
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The benefits
• Significant increase in customer satisfaction scores
across the board, including in the category of taste and
quality, speed of service, order accuracy, friendliness of
staff and cleanliness of restaurant.
• Boost in employee enthusiasm about their customer
Content Analytics
Global Automakers
Mining content to improve quality and reduce costs
The need
• To quickly identify defects that can lead to recalls and negatively
impact business
• To analyze defect information in a cost-effective way
• To utilize that data as feedback for the planning and
development of new products
• To enhance quality, image and competitiveness, and improve
customer satisfaction
The solution
Three automakers are using a content analysis solution to:
• Analyze structured information (automaker, model, year)
• Analyze unstructured information (descriptions of problems,
opinions about the automaker)
• Drills down into data along several dimensions of frequency,
time, deviation, trends, and more
• Provide reports that allow the user to visualize the results clearly
and easily
The benefits
© 2014 IBM Corporation
• Expected to reduce by at least 1% the cost required for handling
recalls, which are estimated to cost automakers up to tens or
even hundreds of billions of dollars a year
• Improves customer satisfaction and competitiveness by enabling
the automakers to produce higher quality cars based on market
demand as expressed in the NHTSA data
• Notifies the automaker if data that match user-specified search
criteria are reported to NHTSA
Content Analytics
A Legislative Document Company
Delivery fast, accurate updates to legislative material
The Need
This company needed to improve the accuracy and speed of
its regulation update service in order to stay ahead of new
competitors and technology improvements. They needed to:
•Manage regulation data in a single platform
•Automate the legislation revision process to realize more
accurate and faster revision and shorten the lead times for
product delivery to local governments
•Quickly respond to customer needs which change
dramatically over time
The Solution
The company transformed its regulation management and
updating system with natural language analysis technology.
The new system:
•Automatically recognizes modifications to legislation and
systematically updates the content
•Replaces a time-consuming, error-prone human process
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Benefit
The client’s new regulation and legislation management and
update system brings a leading-edge system to the market
•Automating an error prone manual system
•Removing manual reading and understanding of new or
updated legislation
•Improving legislation update speed by 50%
Content Analytics
A Major Convenience Store Retailer
Extracting market insights from social media
The Need
Major Japanese convenience chain of 10,000+ stores
must decide what items to stock from a dizzying array of
fresh and prepackaged items. Make stocking decisions
based on what people will buy and not waste shelf space
on items that will spoil or sell poorly
The Solution
IBM Content Analytics applied to huge volumes of social
media feeds and posts. The retailer can now:
•Identify, categorize and respond early to emerging
customer interests and preferences
•Rapidly analyze customers’ requests and complaints
•Drive planning and development of new products and
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Benefit
The Content Analytics solutions allows this retailer to:
•Increase gross profit by half a point Y/Y
•Enable early response to changing consumer
preferences and quick correction of customer productand service-related issues
•Provide decision support to finely tune marketing and
supply chain
Content Analytics
Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
Leveraging customer feedback to develop new products
The Need
How to get a stronger understanding of its customers’
product needs relative to their lifestyle changes. Use social
media content to capture the plethora of data and extract
actionable insights to keep the product portfolio in line with
customer needs.
The Solution
Implemented Content Analytics to distill real product ideas
from the social media world, giving its product planning and
development staff a window into what customers want.
Rapidly and accurately gauge what customers are thinking
about them and what they're demanding from products,
helping the business become more responsive in the
The Benefit
•Expects a 31 percentage point improvement in its net
profitability rate from year to year based in part on improved
product development made possible through market insights
•Improved the ability to accurately gauge customer
perceptions, enabling a more targeted marketing
communications response
•Reduced the amount of time required to gather consumer
data and extract practical insights
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Content Analytics
Lighting Solutions Provider
Illuminating the unique, evolving needs of their customers
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Need
•Understand customers evolving needs by extracting
information contained in thousands of disparate information
•Enable managers to tap into customer feedback to help
guide product development decisions
•Assess product replacement and warranty needs before
issues arise
The Solution
By using Content Analytics’ analytics and search capabilities,
this lighting solutions provider can:
•anticipate and capitalize on its customers’ needs
•integrate and facilitate the search and analysis of structured
and unstructured from multiple sources
•Proactively contact customers with product replacement or
warranty coverage
The Benefit
•Anticipates increasing sales revenue by more than 33
percent within three years
•Fosters a more thorough understanding of the company’s
customer base, which can help strengthen customer
satisfaction and retention
•Improves demand forecasting accuracy while optimizing the
production schedule
Content Analytics
Global Consumer Electronics Company
Effectively preserving a global brand by understanding
The Need
This company has been highly successful in building an effective
brand image by developing innovative products. Recently they
uncovered a decline in the appeal of their products. They launched
an initiative to more closely align their product-planning efforts with
the needs and opinions of their customer.
The Solution
This company implemented an IBM Content Analytics solution to
quickly gather more than two million customer inquiries in 15
languages from logs accumulated in its call center. The company
also uses Content Analytics to collect customer messages about its
products from social-networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. By
analyzing customer opinions from these sources, this company
gains insight into the needs of its customer base. The client uses
the software solution to sort specific demands by demographic
categories such as gender, age, region and intended purpose of the
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Benefit
This company gained an analytical platform and the ability to
closely align its product-planning and marketing efforts with the
needs of its customer base. The solution enables it to make
immediate use of a vast array of customer data, enabling the client
to quickly and accurately grasp existing market demand and
support stronger, more efficient decision making.
As a result, the company anticipates it will:
•Maintain a leading market share of 20 percent in 2013
•Realize a 50% increase in sales ~$40 billion to ~$60 billion, YoY
Content Analytics
Tire Manufacturer
Understanding customer sentiment
The Need
•Reducing costs to improve the company’s operating profit ratio
•Measure and improve sales campaign effectiveness
•Evaluate and analyze content from social media sources
The Solution
With Content Analytics, this manufacturer can now make changes
to its campaigns based on near-real-time analysis of information
in social media postings. The solution captures and reveals
previously obscured opinions, giving the company new insight into
how and why its campaigns succeed or fail. With this enhanced
consumer insight, this company expects to increase sales and
improve its image by developing a more flexible and cost-effective
marketing strategies.
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Benefit
By understanding their customers’ feedback, this organization
expects to:
•Achieve 120 percent sales growth, 190 percent operating profit
growth and 160 percent profit rate growth compared with a similar
period three years earlier
•Increase public awareness of new products through campaign
strategies that are modified in response to consumer feedback
•Make product changes or rectify any new-product issues in a
more timely manner
Content Analytics
Electronic Equipment Manufacturer
Preventing customer attrition by understanding their customer
The Need
To get to the root of customer attrition, to understand
declining brand trust, to reestablish collaboration between
sales and product teams and to regain the “voice of the
The Solution
Implemented IBM Content Analytics to:
•Extract and mine unstructured text from call center logs
and structured data from CRM systems
•Identify similar phrases and topics in text using advanced
natural language technology
•Detect product issues, product feature requests,
competitive comparisons and customer preferences
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Benefit
By understanding customer comments in call center logs
and CRM data this organization has:
•Improved product quality through early defect detection
•Developed new product features/model based on
customer information and preferences
•Rebuilt market share
•Provided a feedback loop for sales, marketing and
manufacturing to listen to and act upon the voice of the
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Content Analytics
Large Telecommunications Company
Ensuring simple, secure and relevant enterprise search
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The need
• Large corporate intranet contains conflicting and outdated
information from multiple sources due to M&A activity
• Data exists in multiple disparate sources such as databases, file
systems, web sites and web content systems
• End-user community needs a simple, intuitive solution to sort
through the clutter
• Existing search solutions needs to be replaced with minimal
disruption to users
• Traditional internet-style search is too broad, therefore it indexes
and returns secure, outdated, or inappropriate data
The solution
• Enterprise Search implemented within customer-defined search
abstraction layer
• Returns combined result set from multiple sources
• Replicates search index to provide high-availability
• Implement process for responsible individuals to register data
sources for crawling, and verify list of sources before provided to
The benefits
• End users can now find results from multiple data sources in a
consolidated view
• Intuitive user interface, including a dropdown list next to search
textbox, for controlling scope of search, limiting the search results to
relevant sources
• Administrative processes ensure accurate, timely information is
available that meets corporate security and regulatory standards
• Transition to new search engine transparent to end-users
Content Analytics
Telecommunications Company
Reducing churn by listening to customers
The need
• To improve customer satisfaction, secure & maintain
market share
• to understand the “voice of their customer” and
prevent contract cancellation
• To identify new opportunities and quickly establish new
• To rapidly respond to incidents
The solution
Analyze call center notes, surveys, and customer emails to:
• Quickly detect likely candidates for customer churn
• Identify customer issues and suggests FAQ candidates
for posting to a self-service Web site
• Mine for trends, patterns and unusual product and
services associations with customer experiences
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The benefits
• Improved accuracy to detect likely churn candidates by
• Improved rates for model and service upgrades to loyal
• Improved self-service FAQ system
• Monitor voice of customer for new offerings and services
• Opened kiosks in international airports
Education, Research
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Content Analytics
German Research Organization
Secure search of research assets
The need
To enable 13,000 staff scientists and engineers
from 56 Institutes to securely search for and
discover relevant scientific research papers to
enable new business innovations
The solution
Using one unified search framework, this
organization was able to deploy cross enterprise
secure search to all their users accessing all their
various silos of information
The benefits
By connecting researchers to content, these
scientists and engineers are able to find the most
relevant research papers and knowledge experts,
leading to continued innovations
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Content Analytics
A University Research Organization
Finding new business opportunities
“What makes the solution so powerful is its ability to go
beyond conventional online search methods by factoring
context into its results.”
The Need
A major university needed to efficiently mine and
analyze vast quantities of data to better identify
companies that could bring the university’s research to
the public. The solution needed to parse the content of
thousands of unstructured information sources, perform
data and text analytics and produce a focused set of
useful results.
The Solution
Using Content Analytics to identify new
commercialization opportunities. By obtaining insight
into their extensive content sources, the university’s
research department was able to find more effective
ways to license technologies created through research
conducted at the university.
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Benefit
Using IBM Content Analytics, this university was able to
reduce the time needed to find target companies from
months to days.
Content Analytics
Telecommunications University
Analyzing job postings to align emerging employment trends
The need
with university curriculum
© 2014 IBM Corporation
• To increase job placement rates for university graduates
• To gain unprecedented insight into hiring trends to align
university curriculum with employers’ needs
• To enhance quality, image and competitiveness, and improve
customer satisfaction
The solution
This University is using a content analysis solution to:
• Crawl through thousands of online job postings, analyzing the
unstructured data to provide an unprecedented perspective
on the job market
• Aggregate the view of employers’ requirements across the
• Monitor emerging employment trends including high-demand
degrees and skills, essential concepts and methodologies,
and required programming languages and product knowledge
The benefits
• Gained the ability to respond quickly and cost-effectively to
changing industry needs, launching a new course in 2.5
months instead of 12 months, a 76 percent improvement
• Increased demand for new courses in business information
systems to 300 percent the current capacity, demonstrating
the marketplace need and the university’s competitiveness
• Improved the employability of students by matching
coursework to high-demand skills in the job market
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Content Analytics
Easy and intelligent customer support
The Need
Intelligent customer support for millions of global clients,
thousands and thousands of products, millions of
documents, millions of support calls, and tens of
thousands of support professionals.
The Solution
Using IBM Content Analytics to perform deep natural
language processing to interpret statements and
interactively extract missing information or narrow in on
excess facts using ontology-based reasoning.
Perform simultaneous searches across heterogeneous
knowledge bases, forums, & web sites while mapping
across synonyms, acronyms and variability in product
The Benefit
Improved ability to quickly find the right solution:
document, product, process, or maintenance. Removed
the need for clients to understand the formal terminology
or having to know the right repositories.
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Content Analytics
Japanese Business Service Provider
Improving agent training by analyzing customer interactions
The need
The organization needed ways to analyse large volumes of
data from customer service interactions to improve agent
training and deliver better customer support.
The solution
IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search software was
implemented to analyse challenging customer service
interactions based on consolidated logs of phone calls,
email and Web interactions, identifying key words used in
inquiries and evaluating agent responses
The benefits
• Analyses customer service interactions to identify
challenging topics and agent skill deficiencies to help
improve training—primary agents now handle 20 percent
more inquiries without transferring calls
• Captures relevant information from multiple contact centers
to provide insight into staff expertise
• Aggregates new insights about product issues and
inefficiencies so management can improve service, training
and product development quality
© 2014 IBM Corporation