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Welcome to Back to School Night
Mrs. Sabo
Algebraic Concepts
Effective Math Habits
Students must come to class with all
required books and supplies.
All math work must be done in pencil.
Students are responsible for taking notes
and being an active participant in class.
Grading Policy
All assignments will be given a point value
The grade on an assignment will be the
number of points earned divided by the
total possible points
For example, a homework assignment may be
worth 10 points, and you may earn 8 points.
Your grade for that assignment will be 8/10,
from which you can calculate a percentage.
Math Lunch Help
Available daily during lunch
Room 216
Students should get a pass from me to
leave the cafetorium
Algebraic Concepts
The Number System:
Know that there are numbers that are not
rational, and approximate them by rational
Algebraic Concepts
Expressions and Equations:
Work with radicals and integer exponents.
Understand the connections between
proportional relationships, lines, and linear
Analyze and solve linear equations and
pairs of simultaneous linear equations.
Algebraic Concepts
Define, evaluate, and compare functions.
Use functions to model relationships
between quantities.
Algebraic Concepts
Understand congruence and similarity
using physical models, transparencies, or
geometry software.
Understand and apply the Pythagorean
Solve real-world and mathematical
problems involving volume of cylinders,
cones and spheres.
Algebraic Concepts
Statistics and Probability:
Investigate patterns of association in
bivariate data.
Contact Information
Mrs. Jennifer Sabo
Phone: 534-2113 ext 6005
Email: [email protected]
Thank You for Coming to Back to
School Night
I look forward to working with
your children this year!