5.1 Normal Distribution

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1.1 Intro To Statistics
An Overview of Statistics
What you will learn
• 1. The Definition of Statistics
• 2. How to distinguish between a
population and a sample and between
parameter and statistic.
• 3. How to distinguish between descriptive
and inferential Statistics.
• Data: Consists of information coming from
observations, counts, measurements or
responses. (The singular for data is
Statistics: is the science of
collecting, organizing,
analyzing and interpreting
data in order to make
Data Sets ( 2 Types)
• Population: is the collection of all
outcome, responses, measurements or
counts that are of interest.
• Sample: is a subset of a population
Population/Sample Diagram
Important Terms
• Parameter: a numerical description of a
population characteristic.
• Statistic: A numerical description of a
sample characteristic.
Assignment #4
• Pg 6
1 – 5, 7 - 28
Notes 1.1 Part 2
Branches of Statistics
• Descriptive statistics: is the branch of
statistics that involves the
organization, summarization and
display of data.
Inferential Statistics: is the branch
of statistics that involves using a
sample to draw conclusions about
a population. A basic tool in the
study of inferential statistics is