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CXC Website overhaul
Andrea Prestwich, CDO
Phase 1 complete
o top page redesign, identification of obsolete material
Phase 2 complete
oCreation of new instrument pages, one for ACIS, HRC, LETG and
oInstrument specific information all in one place
oHigh level links to:
•Instrument basics
•Proposal and observation planning
•Data analysis and data products
oCalibration details and current issues, with clearer links between
abstract calibration results and data analysis/observation
oRevised on annual timescale, for CfP release.
New Instrument Pages
CXC Website overhaul
Andrea Prestwich, CDO
Phase 3, infrastructure, start post-peer review
oRemove all obsolete material - does not show up via searches
oDetermine a maintenance schedule for all pages (excluding those
that are updated on a release schedule, e.g. CIAO and CALBD).
oScript for appending “last revised” date to all pages
• New link checking scripts
•Must work on medium-big sites (~25,000 pages)
•Results stored in SQL database
•Identify orphan files
oBetter interface between MIT HETG pages and CXC
• Google searches to encompass MIT HETG pages
•Include MIT pages in link checking
•MIT pages revised on same schedule as CXC pages
•Navigation headers/footers