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• Media Communication
Application layer Other protocol examples
H.323, Packet-Based Multimedia
Communications System
Social Media Mobile Social Media and business potential
Communication: Mobile Social Media
communication takes two forms, the
first of which is company-to-consumer
in which a company may establish a
connection to a consumer based on its
location and provide reviews about
locations nearby
Cult of personality - Zaire
He used mass media communications to entrench
his rule. He was supported by the United States.
Oprah Winfrey
Credited with creating a more
intimate confessional form of media
communication, she is thought to have
popularized and revolutionized the
tabloid talk show genre pioneered by
Phil Donahue, which a Yale study says
broke 20th-century taboos and
allowed LGBT people to enter the
Oprah Winfrey
By confessing intimate details about her
weight problems, tumultuous love life,
and sexual abuse, and crying alongside
her guests, Time magazine credits
Winfrey with creating a new form of media
communication known as "rapport talk"
as distinguished from the "report talk" of
Phil Donahue: "Winfrey saw television's
power to blend public and private; while it
links strangers and conveys information
over public airwaves, TV is most often
viewed in the privacy of our homes
Framing (social sciences) - Definitions
In the context of politics or mass
media communication, a frame
defines the packaging of an element
of rhetoric in such a way as to
encourage certain interpretations and
to discourage others.
Jürgen Habermas - The public sphere
Thompson, a Professor of Sociology at
the University of Cambridge and a
fellow of Jesus College, has pointed
out that Habermas's notion of the
public sphere is antiquated due to the
proliferation of mass-media
Asynchronous Transfer Mode - Wireless ATM or Mobile ATM
Mobile ATM aimed to provide high
speed multimedia communications
technology, capable of delivering
broadband mobile communications
beyond that of GSM and WLANs.
Session Initiation Protocol
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is
a signaling communications protocol,
widely used for controlling
multimedia communication sessions
such as voice and video calls over
Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
New York Times - Ownership
Catledge thought that if he removed the
publisher's name from the memos it would
protect reporters from feeling pressured by
the owner.Chomsky, Daniel(2006) An
Interested Reader': Measuring Ownership
Control at the New York Times, Critical
Studies in Media Communication, 23(1):
Fraunhofer Society - History
In 2006 the Fraunhofer Institute for
Intelligent Analysis and Information
Systems (IAIS) was founded as a
merger between the Institute for
Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS),
and the Institute for Media
Communication (IMK).
Jürgen Habermas - The public sphere
Thompson, a Professor of Sociology at
the University of Cambridge and a
fellow of Jesus
Jesus College website] has pointed out
that Habermas's notion of the public
sphere is antiquated due to the
proliferation of mass-media
Desktop sharing
Real-time collaboration is much a
bigger area of desktop sharing use, and
it has gained recent momentum as an
important component of rich
multimedia communications.
Desktop sharing
Desktop sharing, when used in
conjunction with other components of
multimedia communications such as audio
and video, creates the notion of virtual
space where people can meet, socialize
and work together. On the larger scale,
this area is also referred as web
Cult of personality - Zaire
He used mass media communications to
entrench his rule.Mobutu Sese Seko. The
Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.
Columbia University Press. 2012.
Retrieved 30 April 2013. He was
supported by the United States.
DSP Group - History
DSP Group entered into the multimedia
communications sector with the acquisition
of Teleman Multimedia in 2003.
Incorporating VoIP and Wi-Fi technologies
obtained through the acquisition of
VoicePump and Bermai, DSP Group entered
the residential multimedia communications
over broadband market with the 2006
development of a chipset integrating DECT
and Wi-Fi technologies with an application
processor. DSP Group acquired NXP
Semiconductors' cordless and VoIP terminals
business in 2007.
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute - Enterprise Consumer
Electronics Group
* Mobile Multimedia
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute - Technology Roadmap
:* Mobile Multimedia
Communications Technology
Transport layer - Analysis
TCP is used for many protocols, including
HTTP web browsing and email transfer. UDP
may be used for multicasting and
broadcasting, since retransmissions are not
possible to a large amount of hosts. UDP
typically gives higher throughput and shorter
latency, and is therefore often used for realtime multimedia communication where packet
loss occasionally can be accepted, for
example IP-TV and IP-telephony, and for
online computer games.
Arqiva - Inmedia
Arqiva acquired Inmedia Communications
from the Carlyle Group for £68.5 million in
July 2005 to form the new Satellite Media
Solutions business unit. Inmedia was
owned by KCOM Group|Kingston
Communications and known as Kingston
inmedia before being bought by the
Carlyle Group in 2004.
List of SIP software - Proprietary license
* Nortel SIP Multimedia
Communication Server
WorldCom - Corporate founding
The acquisition of Digex (DIGX) during
June 2001 was also complex; Worldcom
acquired Digex's corporate parent,
Intermedia Communications, and then
sold all of Intermedia's non-Digex assets
to Allegiance Telecom.
Lawrence Rabiner - Research interests
Social occultation
'Social occultation' occurs when a
particular set of cultural values and beliefs
combine with the operation of personal
and mass media communication functions
leads to 'lacunae', or Blind spot
(psychology)|blind spots.
Application Layer - Other protocol examples
*H.323, Packet-Based
Multimedia Communications
IEEE Communications Society - Technical Committees
* Multimedia
Session border controller
A 'session border controller' (SBC) is a
device regularly deployed in Voice
over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks
to exert control over the Signalling
(telecommunications)|signaling and
usually also the media streams
involved in setting up, conducting,
and tearing down telephone calls or
other interactive media
Onondaga Community College - Media
Students in the Electronic Media
Communications department learn how to
tape video, to edit, to direct, and to
produce shows for television, many of
which are broadcast across the campus'
television network
Katherine Albrecht - Media relations for Ixquick
On January 27, 2009, Katherine Albrecht
became Head U.S. Media Relations for
Ixquick| to help raise
awareness for the privacy-friendly metasearch engine. She is responsible for
strategy, execution, and management of
all media communications and marketing
initiatives in the U.S.
Session layer - Protocols
*H.245, H.245|Call Control
Protocol for Multimedia
Broadband networks - Multi-point
Offering future services thus requires
flexible management of the
connection and media requests of a
multi-point, multi-media
communication call
TPG Capital - Texas Pacific Group in the late 1990s
In June 1996, TPG acquired the ATT
Paradyne unit, a multimedia
communications business, from Lucent
Technologies for $175
C0A960958260 LUCENT
It is a part of the ITU-T H.32x series of
protocols, which also address
multimedia communications over
Integrated Services Digital
Network|ISDN, the public switched
telephone network|PSTN or Signaling
System 7|SS7, and 3G mobile networks.
H.323 - History
The current version of H.323 was
approved in
2009.[ ITU-T Recommendation H.323
(12/2009)], Packet-based multimedia
communications systems.
H.323 - Protocols
*H.245 control protocol for multimedia
communication, which describes the
messages and procedures used for
capability exchange, opening and
closing logical channels for audio,
video and data, control and indications.
H.323 - Architecture
The H.323 system defines several network
elements that work together in order to
deliver rich multimedia communication
capabilities. Those elements are
Terminals, Multipoint Control Units
(MCUs), Gateway
Gatekeepers, and Border Elements.
Collectively, terminals, multipoint control
units and gateways are often referred to
as 'endpoints'.
WeChat provides multimedia
communication with text messaging,
hold-to-talk voice messaging,
broadcast (one-to-many) messaging,
photo/video sharing, location sharing,
and contact information exchange.
WeChat supports social networking via
shared streaming content feeds and
location-based social plug-ins (Shake,
Look Around, and Drift Bottle) to chat
with and connect with local and
international WeChat users.
China Mobile intends to develop
Fetion into a comprehensive
communications service which will
focus on wireless communications
and offer the Internet applications as a
Communication Tech (a subsidiary
company of Ultrapower Software Co.,
Ltd) undertake construction,
operation and maintain of Fetion.
Open University Malaysia - Accreditation
* Bachelor of Multimedia
Communication with Honours
Open University Malaysia - Accreditation
* Master of Multimedia
Open University Malaysia - Faculties
* Faculty of Information
Technology Multimedia
Murdoch University - Faculties and schools
** School of Media
Communication and Culture
Kony 2012 - Negative
Charlie Beckett, a media communications
expert at the London School of Economics
(LSE), said Invisible Children haven't got
the capacity for is to take that beyond
another action
Storytelling - Within the workplace
For many multi-media communication
complex institutions, communicating by
using storytelling techniques can be a
more compelling and effective route of
delivering information than that of using
only dry facts.By Jason Hensel, One+.
Once Upon a Time]. February 2010.Cornell
2706 Jameson, Daphne A Professor].
Retrieved Oct 19, 2012. Uses include:
Health communication - Development
Effective media communication is therefore a
key responsibility of public health
Health communication - Development
guide can act as a rapid primer document as it
highlights aspects of media communication
Health communication - Development
other organizations and
networks to deal with the
media communication
Corporate video
With the growth of digital technology, there is
now often convergence between corporate
video and other forms of media
communications, such as broadcast
television and TV advertising. Also, a
corporate video may be produced using the
same production techniques and style as a
broadcast television programme (such as
using outside broadcasting facilities)—as a
way of engaging audiences who are used to
viewing popular media, a corporate video
might even be themed on a well-known
television series.
Media psychology - APA Media Psychology Division 46 Task Force Report
The mission of the organization is to
advance psychology in the practice and
science of media communications and
VOA produces about 1,500 hours of
news and feature programming each
week for an estimated global
audience of 123 million people, to
promote freedom and democracy and
to enhance understanding through
multimedia communication of
accurate, objective, and balanced
news, information and other
programming about America and the
Registered Dietitian
'Dietitians' are experts in food and
nutrition (dietetics). They advise
people on what to eat in order to lead a
healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific
health-related goal. They work in a
variety of settings from clinical to
community and public policy to
media communications.
List of art schools in Europe - Czech Republic
*Tomas Bata University in Zlin
(Faculty of Multimedia
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati - Research centres
*Centre for Mass Media
Australian Catholic University - Faculties
Areas include education, arts and
humanities, global studies and
international development studies, media
communications, social science, youth
work, and creative arts, visual arts and
An Anarchist FAQ - History
The FAQ thanks the following people for their
contributions: Andrew Flood, Mike Ballard,
Francois Coquet, Jamal Hannah, Mike
Huben, Greg Alt, Chuck Munson, Pauline
McCormack, Nestor McNab, Kevin Carson,
Shawn Wilbur, and our comrades on the
anarchy, oneunion and organise! mailing lists.
A 2003 Critical Studies in Media
Communication study declared the FAQ the
most prominent core anarchist website,
finding that it received incoming links from
20% of the anarchist websites studied.
Media richness theory - Background
Other communication scholars have tested
the theory in order to improve it, and more
recently media richness theory has been
retroactively adapted to include new media
communication mediums, such as improved
video and online conferencing. Although
media richness theory relates to media use,
rather than media choice, empirical studies of
the theory have often studied what medium a
manager would chose to communicate over,
and not the effects of media use.
Battle of Seattle (1999) - Media response
Though media coverage of the Battle in
Seattle condemned the violence of many
protesters, the nature of this violence has
justified its use to some people. Specifically,
according to Deluca and Peeples (2002), the
violence employed was symbolic violence:
that is, “acts directed toward property, not
people.”DeLuca, K., Peeples, J. (2002).
From public sphere to public screen:
democracy, activism, and the “violence” of
Seattle. Critical Studies in Media
Communication, 19 (2), 125-151.
Cross media
'Cross Media' (also known as crossmedia, cross-media entertainment, crossmedia communication, Transmedia
storytelling|transmedia) is a media
property, service, story or experience
distributed across media platforms using a
variety of media forms
Cross media - Interaction
'Cross-media communications' are
integrated, interactive experiences that
occur across multiple media, with multiple
authors and have multiple styles
Cross media - Crossmedia and transmedia
The new media aspect of the “cross-media
experience” typically involves some level
of audience
ss/files/CrossMediaCommunicationsDrewDavidson-etal-web.pdf Drew
Davidson// Cross-Media Communications:
an Introduction to the Art of Creating
Integrated Media Experiences ]
Cross media - Crossmedia communication
Good crossmedia communication will
enhance the value of communication:
The level and depth of (message)
involvement will be more personal
and therefore more relevant and
powerful.Veglis,A., Cross Media
Communication in newspaper
organizations, in Poulymerakou, A.,
Pouloudi, N., Pramatari, K
Mass Media
Communication in
Integrity (disambiguation)
*Integrity Media, a media
communications company that
publishes and distributes Christian
music, films and related materials.
Dietitians work in a variety of settings
from clinical to community and public
policy to media communications.
Palm Beach Atlantic University - Available degrees
The University offers more than 60 majors
but is best known for producing
outstanding graduates in business,
education, media communication, theater,
music, ministry and counseling.
Dentsu - Dentsu Group companies in Japan
* Dentsu Table Media
Communications Inc.
Barcelona Sporting Club - Maruri and Harb Era (2007–2011)
On November 5, 2009, Barcelona's
President, Eduardo Maruri, announced the
hiring of a multimedia communications
group from Spain, MediaPro, to help them
as a consultant and guide them through
the new decade in the aspects of
advertisement, finance, and sport. This
was done with the hope of bringing
Barcelona back to international
prominence and giving the fans what they
most desired, the elusive 14th domestic
Hamburger - Hamburgers today
United States Department of
Agriculture Safety and Inspection
Service Media Communications
Office, August 11, 1998.
Performance studies - Theatre and anthropology
Diana Taylor (professor)|Diana Taylor
has brought a hemispheric perspective
on Latin American performance and
theorized the relationship between the
archive and the performance repertoire,
while Corinne Kratz developed a mode
of performance analysis that
emphasizes the role of multimedia
communication in performance.Kratz,
Corinne A
Value-added service - Global VAS Companies
* Qtelmedia Communications
Harris Corporation - List of Harris acquisitions
* Hirschmann
Network (2001)
Session Description Protocol
SDP is intended for describing multimedia
communication sessions for the purposes of
session announcement, session invitation,
and parameter negotiation. SDP does not
deliver media itself but is used for negotiation
between end points of media type, format,
and all associated properties. The set of
properties and parameters are often called a
session profile. SDP is designed to be
extensible to support new media types and
RT (TV network) - Organization
In 2012 Anna Kachkayeva, Dean of Media
Communications at Moscow's Higher School
of Economics, stated that they share the
same roof because the two organizations are
located in the same building, but regarding
funding, editorial policy, management and
staff, they are two independent organisations
whose daily operations are not
interconnected in any
/171179459.html RIA Novosti Does Not
Control RT Television – Russian Media
Experts], RIA Novosti, February 6, 2012
Media portrayal of HIV/AIDS - South Africa
South Africa boasts a highly developed mass media
communications infrastructure
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
| operating_income = 4,406million (2012)|
3,605million (2011)ubl| 574million (2012)|
2,438million (2011)ubl|The Asahi Shimbun
Company (14.9%)|TV Asahi Corporation
(9.3%)|and othersubl|ABC Media
Communications|sky A, Inc.|ABC
Development Corporation|i-nex+|ABC Livra|ABC Golf Club|Kagami
Broadcasting Corporation'|朝日放送株式会社
|Asahi Hōsō Kabushikigaisha|ABCclearInfobox radio station
The Cluetrain Manifesto - Theses 26–40: Marketing Organizational Response
The authors then list a number of theses
that deal with the approach that they
believe organizations will need to adapt if
they are to successfully enter the new
marketplace (thesis 26) as it is claimed
that those within the new marketplace will
no longer respond to the previously issued
mass-media communications as such
communication is not ‘authentic’ (thesis
VoIP spam - SPIT Mitigation
Bergmann, A SPIT detection
mechanism based on audio analysis, in
Proceedings of 4th International Mobile
Multimedia Communications
Conference MobiMedia 2008: July 7–8,
2008, Oulu, Finland
American Council on Science and Health
Its core membership is a board of 350
physicians, scientists and policy advisors
who review the Council's reports and
participate in ACSH seminars, press
conferences, media communications and
other educational activities
ADSL loop extender
onto a farm), and ordinary telephone service
is very immune to cross talk from ADSL due
to ADSL not using voice frequency range, the
cross talk issue is further reduced
q=T1.417f=false Broadband last mile: access
technologies for multimedia
communications By Nikil Jayant] p339,
Google Books Converting to G.shdsl or other
has problems too
H.324 standard is formally known as
Terminal for low bit-rate multimedia
communication. H.324 covers the
technical requirements for very low
bit-rate multimedia telephone
terminals operating over the General
Switched Telephone Network (GSTN).
H.324 terminals provide real-time
video, audio, or data, or any
combination, between two multimedia
Other modes such as G.722 audio may
optionally be supported as well.ITU-T
(2005-09) (PDF)
asp?lang=eid=T-REC-H.324-200509S!PDF-Etype=items H.324 : Terminal
for low bit-rate multimedia
communication], Retrieved on 200907-21
H.245 is capable of conveying information
needed for multimedia communication,
such as encryption, flow control (data)|flow
control, jitter management, preference
requests, as well as the opening and
closing of logical channels used to carry
media streams. It also defines separate
send and receive capabilities and the
means to send these details to other
devices that support H.323.
'G.723.1' is an audio codec for voice that
compresses voice audio in 30 ms frames.
An algorithmic look-ahead of 7.5 ms
duration means that total algorithmic delay
is 37.5 ms. Its official name is Dual rate
speech coder for multimedia
communications transmitting at 5.3 and
6.3 kbit/s.
Labour Party Conference - 2011 Liverpool
The 2011 Conference in Liverpool
from 25–29 September. On 26
September delegates voted to scrap
the tradition of Official Opposition
Shadow Cabinet (United
Kingdom)|Shadow Cabinet elections.
Ed Miliband's keynote speech on 27
September suffered a five-minute
blackout after all media
communications were lost.
National Research University – Higher School of Economics - Faculties and structure
* HSE Faculty of Media
Communications|Faculty of Media
IP PBX - Function
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) enabled
PBX are used to make multimedia
communication (voice and video calls)
over IP network. It uses enhanced
encryption techniques and proxy servers
to form sessions of calls over internet.
A Night to Remember (1958 film)
Frentz, Singing over the bones: James
Cameron's Titanic, Critical Studies in
Media Communication (ICMC),
Volume 17, Issue 1 (1 March 2000), pp
We live in a mediacentric society filled
with many affective sign systems.
Transmediation can also be conceived
of as multimedia communication and
literacy activities. When people engage
as consumers or producers of media in
any form, they are engaging in
Brooklyn Technical High School - Tech in the 21st century
*Media Communications (Media):
Students take Graphic Design,
Drawing, and Digital Photography
junior year. Web Design, Adobe Flash,
Final Cut Pro|Film Production, and
Animation senior year.
David Davis (British politician) - Civil liberties
Davis has also supported civil
liberties campaign group Big Brother
Watch and in January 2010 he spoke
with Tony Benn at the official launch.
In 2012 he helped lead the opposition
to Coalition plans to allow police and
security services to extend their
monitoring of the public's email and
social media communications.
'H.239' is an ITU-T recommendation from
the H.32x 'Multimedia Communications
macrofamily of
for multimedia communications over
various networks.
Backbone (magazine)
Backbone magazine is published by
Publimedia Communications Inc. and is
distributed six times a year.
National Communication Association - History
These included Journal of Applied
Communication (now the Journal of
Applied Communication Research) (1973),
Critical Studies in Mass Communication
(now Critical Studies in Media
Communication) (1984), and Text and
Performance Quarterly (1989)
National Communication Association - Disciplinary activities
* Critical Studies in Media
EURECOM - Teaching
* International
Master in
EURECOM - Research
The research activity of EURECOM is
organized around three principal themes:
mobile communication, multimedia
communication, and networking and
security. Two TELECOM ParisTech
laboratories are associated with
EURECOM, System on Chip and
Information communication technology|ICT
EURECOM - Research
EURECOM deploys its expertise
around three major fields: Networking
and security, Multimedia
Communications and Mobile
Communications. EURECOM is
particularly active in research in its
areas of excellence while also training
a large number of doctoral candidates.
Its contractual research is recognized
across Europe and contributes largely
National Chiao Tung University - Notable alumni, faculty and Honoris Causa Laureates
*Gwong Lee, General
Manager, TransMedia
Communicationa Inc.
Michael E. DeBakey - DeBakey Medical Foundation
Baylor Media Communications
Media transparency - Overview
Media communication can be a very
powerful tool in affecting change whether it
is political or social
Sven Windahl - Selected articles
* Alan M. Rubin, Sven Windahl:
nt~db=all~content=a911341596 The uses
and dependency model of mass
b=all~content=g911342011 Critical Studies
in Media Communication, Volume 3, Issue
2], June 1986
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Postgraduate Schools
* ALMED - Postgraduate School of Media
Communications and Performing
Arts|Postgraduate School of Media
Communications and Performing Arts
(established 2002)
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan campus
The historical site of St. Agnese
Catholic is to route 2, consisting of the
Palazzo del Canonica. In this building
there is ALMED – Postgraduate School
of Media Communications and
Performing Arts|ALMED.
MIKEY - Using MIKEY in practice
MIKEY is used to perform key
management for securing a multimedia
communication protocol. As such, MIKEY
exchanges generally occur within the
signalling protocol which supports the
Pop art - Spain
Eduardo Arroyo could be said to fit within
the pop art trend, on account of his
interest in the environment, his critique of
our media culture which incorporates icons
of both mass media communication and
the history of painting, and his scorn for
nearly all established artistic styles
Fraunhofer Institute - History
In 2006, the Fraunhofer Institute for
Intelligent Analysis and Information
Systems (IAIS) was founded as a merger
between the Institute for Autonomous
Intelligent Systems (AIS), and the Institute
for Media Communication (IMK).
Voice of America
The VOA produces about 1,500 hours of
news and feature programming each week
for an estimated global audience of 123
million people, to promote freedom and
democracy and to enhance understanding
through multimedia communication of
accurate, objective, and balanced news,
information and other programming about
America and the world to audiences
Years of Living Dangerously - Critical reaction
eview/years-living-dangerously-tvreview-695043 Years of Living
Dangerously: TV Review], The
Hollywood Reporter, April 11, 2014
The Guardian calls the series perhaps
the most important climate change
multimedia communication endeavor
in history.Abraham, John and Dana
Airline Business
On 4 June 2014 RBI sold emedia
Communications LLC, a US-based
provider of research to IT buyers and
leads to IT vendors, to Ziff Davis, the
Digital Media Division of j2 Global, Inc.
Dentsu Aegis Network - Subsidiaries and divisions
* Carat: a media
Dentsu Aegis Network - Subsidiaries and divisions
* Dentsu Media: a media
communications specialist
Dentsu Aegis Network - Subsidiaries and divisions
* Vizeum: a media
Fribourg - Education
* Ecole de multimedia et d'art de Fribourg:
multimedia and art school, Fribourg, is a
professional school on new media
communication, image and technics.
TPG Capital, L.P. - Texas Pacific Group in the late 1990s
In June 1996, TPG acquired the ATT
Paradyne unit, a multimedia
communications business, from Lucent
Technologies for $175
C0A960958260 LUCENT
Penthouse (magazine) - Bankruptcy
General Media Communications, Inc.
currently (as of 2014) publishes
entertainment magazines and
operates as a subsidiary of
FriendFinder Networks Inc.
Aaron Hotchner - Criminal Minds
Former Media Communications Officer
Jennifer JJ Jareau has moved on to
become an official full-time profiler
Oprah - Oprahfication
Accessed August 26, 2010 By confessing
intimate details about her weight problems,
tumultuous love life, and sexual abuse, and
crying alongside her guests, Time magazine
credits Winfrey with creating a new form of
media communication known as rapport talk
as distinguished from the report talk of Phil
Donahue: Winfrey saw television's power to
blend public and private; while it links
strangers and conveys information over
public airwaves, TV is most often viewed in
the privacy of our homes
Black Hawk Down (film) - Critical response
Klien, writing in Critical Studies in Media
Communication, argued that the film's
sensational rendering of war had the effect
of encouraging audiences to empathize
with the film's pro-soldier leitmotif
2014 kidnapping and murder of Israeli teenagers - Day 6
In six days, the government sources
announced, they had searched 800
structures, including the Al-Aqsa radio
station in Ramallah and the Hebron-based
TransMedia communications company,
both linked to Hamas
European Master's in Translation
The participating universities offer a Master's
degree (see also Master's degree in Europe)
in line with a shared and commonly agreed
curriculum, which has at its core a common
set of basic skills in translation, regardless of
the language combinations taught by each
etences_translators_en.pdf Competences for
professional translators, experts in
multilingual and multimedia communication]
Danny Porush - Stratton Oakmont
In the late 1980s, Porush helped Jordan
Belfort found Stratton Oakmont, a Long
Island, New York over-the-counter
(finance)|over-the-counter (OTC) brokerage
house in which Belfort was chairman and
Porush was president. Stratton Oakmont
specialized in selling penny stocks and
underwriting initial public offerings for small
companies, including for Steve Madden ( a
childhood friend of Porush), Master Glazier's
Karate International Inc, Dualstar
Technologies, Select Media Communications,
Fabio Massimo Cacciatori - Career
In 2006 Cacciatori was appointed CEO of Virtual
Reality Multi Media Spa Un altro manager nella
squadra di Fassino, Repubblica, 28 July 2011,
bblica/2011/07/28/un-altro-manager-nellasquadra-di-fassino.htmlThe Virtual Reality Multi
Media Spa presented examples of multimedia
communication and interactive tools used in
awareness and informative campaigns,
12.htmlCampane a morto per Cinecittà,
Repubblica, 25 April 2010,
Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century - Only people to shape both the
20th and early 21st centuries
Winfrey was considered influential in
the 20th for creating a more intimate
confessional form of media
communication, unleashing confession
culture, and popularizing and
revolutionizing the tabloid talk show
genre pioneered by Phil Donahue,
which a Yale study claimed broke 20th
century taboos and allowed gays,
lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender
Josie Loren - Personal life
In college she is studying Mass Media
Communication and getting a minor in Spanish
West Roxbury, Massachusetts - Primary and secondary schools
Parkway Academy of Technology and
Health,[http://www.bostonpublicscho Media
Communications Technology High
Voice of America
The VOA produces about 1,500 hours of
news and feature programming each week
for an estimated global audience of 123
million people, to promote freedom and
democracy and to enhance understanding
through multimedia communication of
accurate, objective, and balanced news,
information and other programming about
America and the world to audiences
Mount Ida College - Academics
* Media Communication (B.A.)
International Theatre Institute - Organization
ITI also set up various Committees (or
Forums and Groups) in order to focus
on specialized areas of the performing
arts, such as The Communication
Committee (ComCom) dedicated to
the study of the role of media
communication in promoting theatre,
The International Monodrama Forum
(IMF)or The International Dance
Committee (IDC).
Nyamko Sabuni - Personal life
Nyamko Sabuni was born in Bujumbura in
Burundi where her father, a left-wing politician
from Zaire, lived in exile. Sabuni's father is a
Christian while her mother is a Muslim. The
family obtained political asylum in Sweden in
1981 and Sabuni grew up in Kungsängen,
north of Stockholm. She studied law at
Uppsala University, migration policy at
Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna, and
information and media communications at
Berghs School of Communication in
FraLine - Projects
mic-papers-and-reports List of publications on the
project webpage] include the development of standard
resource administration and user management for
schools, improvement of school support via remote
maintenance and support, but also media educational
topics such as content filtering, evaluation of
educational software and media
ex.php?PRODUCT_ID=637 Kommunigrafie - eine
empirische Studie zur Bedeutung von Text und Bild in
der digitalen Kommunikation (An empirical study
concerning the meaning of text and image in digital
communication) by Dr
Defense industry of Turkey - C4ISR
**Gateway Device Over HF-VHF-UHF/IP *
FORMUS: Multi-Transmission Media
Communication System (FORGEC
New England Institute of Art - History
By September 1995 the school was
granted the authority to offer Associates of
Science degrees in Broadcasting and
Recording Arts. 1997 brought yet another
change of the name to Massachusetts
Communications College. During 1998
three more Associates degrees became
available: Communication
Studies|Communications Studies,
Multimedia Communications, and Internet
Blic - Ringier buyout
Blic got sold to Swiss multimedia
communications group Ringier in early
2004 (takeover finalized in October 2004).
Languages of Mauritius
Also, most newspapers and media
communications are in
Facts and Figures]
Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Archives
The digitization was carried out by an
institute of the German research
organization Fraunhofer Society the
Institute for Media Communication
(since 2006, the ), headquartered in
Sankt Augustin, North RhineWestphalia.Jacob, Klaus (February 2005).
media/NZZ_fhg_journal_imk_nzz.pdf 70
Terabyte Zeitgeschichte] (Portable
Document Format|PDF format; requires
Adobe Reader). Fraunhofer Magazin.
Retrieved 23 August 2012.
*Technologies of Multimedia
*Univ. of Vigo PhD degree in
Muiltimedia Communication
Griffith College Dublin - Griffith College Faculties
* Faculty of Journalism Media
Griffith College Dublin - Notable Griffith College Staff Graduates
* Eurosong 2010 Finalist, Leanne
Moore, graduated with a postgraduate
diploma in Journalism and Media
Communications from Griffith
/read/15205 Eurosong 2010 – Ireland:
Leanne Moore speaks to]
Griffith College Dublin - Griffith College Expansion and Developments
Since August 2013 all evening
undergraduate, postgraduate, short-term
and professional programmes in the areas
of Law, Business, Journalism and Media
Communications, Accountancy and Drama
have moved to the facility.
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg - No Disconnect Strategy
The NDS provides support to internet
users, bloggers and Internet
activism|cyber-activists living under
authoritarian regimes and is a direct
response to the Arab Spring, when
governments tried to restrict Internet
and social media communications to
crack down on protesters
John Malm, Jr. - Early career and collaboration with Trent Reznor
Malm grew up in Cleveland and
completed a degree at Denison
University in Mass Media
Communications, with a minor in film
David Ferriero - National Archives and Records Administration
Ferriero used the public occasion to
express his view that the National
Archives is at a defining moment with
regard to our existing electronic
records, social media
communications, and emerging
technologies being used throughout
government offices
Ethiopian Reporter
'Ethiopian Reporter', also known as 'The
Reporter', is a private newspaper
published in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It
appears in both English
language|English and Amharic, and is
owned by the Media Communications
Newspapers] BBC. In 2010, its editor and
owner was Amare
/africa/ethiopia14mar06na.html CPJ
News Alert 2006]
Dundee University Students' Association - Publications
When David McLeod took over as Vice
President Communications, he put Lauren
Bennie at the helm of the magazine and
student media communications
Grand View University - Degrees and certifications
Grand View grants the Bachelor of Arts degree and
offers 40 majors in accounting, applied mathematics,
art education, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology,
business administration, church music, computer
science, criminal justice, digital media production,
elementary education, English, graphic design,
graphic journalism, Kinesiology and health promotion,
history, human services, individualized, journalism and
public relations, liberal arts, management information
systems, multimedia communication, music, music
education, nursing, organizational studies, paralegal
studies, photography, political studies, physical
education, psychology, secondary education, service
management, Spanish for careers and professionals,
studio arts, theatre arts and theology
Nvidia System Tools
Additionally, System Tools has a feature
that automatically adjusts settings and
tests them to find what it believes to be
the optimal combination of settings for a
particular computer hardware
configuration. Everything, including the
Graphics processing unit|GPU, Central
processing unit|CPU, Media
Communications Processor|MCP,
Random access memory|RAM, Voltage
and Fans are adjusted, though not all
motherboards support all of these
Johnson University - Campus Facilities
* Eubanks Activity Center - Built 1989
(Office of President, Student Center,
Science Lab, Media Communications
Iba, Zambales - Media
* Sikat 92.7 - Rural Media
Moanalua High School
Moanalua High School (also known as
'MoHS' to differentiate itself from the MHS,
acronyms associated with McKinley High
School and Mililani High School), is
nationally recognized for its academics,
music program and media
communications learning center.
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