Telecommuting: Practical Option or Management Nightmare?

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Transcript Telecommuting: Practical Option or Management Nightmare?

Kirby Smith
• Telecommuting is the use of
computers and communication
technology to work from a remote
location, instead of commuting to
a central office.
• This article examines
telecommuting from the
prospective of a manager and in
this case an editor of a school
When deciding to implement a
telecommuting policy it is necessary to
weigh the pros and cons of how it will
affect you business.
There are also several things that need to
be consider be for allowing employees to
Allows you to save on office space and
computer equipment.
Reduces the amount of time spent hiring and
training. Since employees you can offer your
employees a more flexible telecommuting
People that telecommute can become
“unplugged” from the group.
They will miss out on all of the daily casual
People forget to fill them in on things.
Start with a part-time arrangement
and/or a trial period
◦ Have the person work in the office a certain number
of days and telecommute two or three days a week.
◦ A trial period where the person’s performance is
carefully monitored.
Select people based on their strengths
and work habits.
◦ concentration, time management, organization,
◦ “The best teleworker is a self-starter who has
demonstrated dependability, good judgment, and
the ability to work independently.”
Establish productivity standards
Communication plan for everyone in the
◦ Make sure that everyone is aware of the
telecommuting arrangement and they know how to
contact the person.
Put the agreement in writing.
◦ Include what equipment is required and who will
provide it.
◦ How work time will be documented.
◦ Clear communication plan.
Telecommuting can be an affective tool to
reduce overhead cost, such as office space and
computer equipment. It also can allow more
flexibility for your employees.
Although you have to be careful to avoid the
pitfalls, like inadvertently exclude employees
from the group.
In order to make sure your employees have a
successful and productive telecommuting
arrangement, consider the different
implementations and carefully monitor results.