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Second Continental Congress (1775)
Representatives from the colonies met in Philadelphia
to discuss plans.
• Created Continental Army to prepare for war under
the command of George Washington.
Declaration of Independence (1776)
• Written by Thomas Jefferson, in July 1776.
• Declared independence and created the United
States of America.
• Purpose
– Break ties & Create a new government
– Create a government that would protect the rights
and liberties of its citizens
– Power comes from the people
– Ideas don’t apply towards women, slaves, or Native
Colonial Forces
• The Continental (Patriot)
• In the beginning, it was made up
of farmers, frontiersmen, and
townspeople who left their
homes to fight the British. Many
believed the war would be
• At first, they had to provide
their own weapons,
ammunition, and uniforms.
• Over time, they would be
formed into regular units with
uniforms and proper
1. They were fighting for
their homes, families, lives,
and freedom.
2. George Washington
3. They were fighting on
their home ground.
1. Poorly trained army and
no navy.
2. No $$ to fight a war.
3. Weak, inexperienced
4. 2/3 of population were
either Loyalists or didn’t
5. Poor equipment and lack
of food.
6. Soldiers could leave at
1. Professional army and navy.
2. Factories to make war
3. $ to feed and supply an army.
4. Hessians and Indians on
British side.
1. England’s supplies were
across the ocean.
2. English soldiers were
fighting because they
were told to fight.
3. Land was large and
Major Battles
Battle of New York 1776
Battle of Trenton 1776
Battle of Saratoga 1777
Battle of Yorktown 1781
Valley Forge – December 1777
“To see men without clothes. . . without blankets to lie upon,
without shoes. . .without a house or hut to cover them until
those could be built, and submitting without a murmur, is a
proof of patience and obedience which, in my opinion, can
scarcely be paralleled [matched].”
-George Washington, quoted in
George Washington: A Collection
Soldiers built tents
Some had no shirts or shoes
Approximately 2000 men died of
diseases and starvation; some
froze to death
Help From Europe
• France and Spain helped the Patriots
War at Sea
• The French Navy
helped the colonists.
• Continental Navy was
formed and was in
combat in early 1776
Treaty of Paris (1783)
• The peace agreement
between Great Britain
and the United States
– Great Britain
recognized the
independence of the
United States