Venezuelan Crisis of 1898

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1. Why did America want control of Hawaii? List at least three
2. How did the U.S. influence the government of Hawaii?
3. How were Queen Liliuokalani's views towards the U.S.
different than the monarchs before her?
4. Explain the causes & effects of the January 1893 revolt.
5. Who was Sanford Dole?
6. How were the views of President Cleveland different than
President McKinley regarding the annexation of Hawaii?
7. How did wartime pressures finally lead to the annexation of
8. THINKER: In your opinion, did the U.S. government make
the right decision in their annexation of Hawaii. Why or why
not? Was there a possible alternative?
REVOLT!!! January 16, 1893
• Marines stormed the city and surrounded the
royal palace
• U.S. recognized the provisional government
that the revolutionaries formed.
• Revolutionaries appointed Sanford Dole as
• At this point, there were serious divisions:
– Hawaiians supported Queen Liliuokalani and
followed the monarchy
– Americans supported the Provisional government
and claimed it had authority over everything
Hawaiian counter-revolt
SURRENDER!!! January 17,
• Queen Liliuokalani:
“I yield to the
superior force of the
United States of
The Ionlani Palace in Honolulu, formerly
the residence of the Hawaiian monarch,
but became the capitol of the Republic of
Sanford Dole
• Dole even
threatened Queen
Liliuokalani with
U.S. Naval force,
if she did not
Queen Liliuokalani’s arrest
• 200 rebels were tried for treason
• Provisional government found the Queen guilty.
Originally sentenced to:
– Five years of hard labor
– $5,000
– Sentence was eventually decreased to imprisonment in a
bedroom of the palace
• While imprisoned, she wrote many famous songs
(including the Queen’s Prayer) and wrote her memoir.
• Following her release, she served a year of house
arrest before traveling to the U.S. to plead against
President McKinley
• “We need
Hawaii just as
much, and a
good deal
more than we
did California,
it is Manifest
Admission Day Ceremony; June 14, 1900
The flag of the Kingdom of Hawaii over Iolani
Palace is lowered to raise the United States flag to
signify annexation
Queen Liliuokalani, Princess Kaiulani, Prince David Kawananakoa
shuttered up in Washington Place mourning on the day of the flag of
Hawaii was lowered down for the last time after the Annexation of Hawaii
to the United States
Notice any similarities?!?!?
• Senator Stephen White of
California was an extreme
anti-imperialist and led the
filibuster over the
annexation of Hawaii.
• He asked whether
Americans forgot their own
anti-colonial war for
independence. What do you
think he means by this?
• Was the situation in Hawaii
similar to America’s
independence from
England? Or had times
changed? Was imperialism
more acceptable at the
Venezuelan Crisis of 1895
• Just after the U.S. officially annexed Hawaii,
they were going to get involved in another
region of the Americas…… VENEZUELA!!
• This crisis revolved around the long standing
dispute with England over the territory of
Guyana Essequibo, which Britain claimed as
part of British Guiana and Venezuela saw as
Venezuelan territory.
• Not only will the U.S. demonstrate
imperialistic powers, but they also reinstate
the power of the Monroe Doctrine!
This territory was disputed
for over half a century, but
it never called for conflict
Map of Guyana,
showing the
River and the
river's drainage
basin (shaded
claims territory
up to the
western bank of
the river. The
historical claim
by the UK
included the
river basin well
into modern day
U.S. was also concerned over
British ships stationed in
Nicaraguan ports