NS Simulation (Day 1)

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Terrorists Destroy Major Oil Depot in Saudi
Monday, April 9th, 2012
Riyadh, June 29th—At precisely 12:14pm EST, a
massive, coordinated attack was launched on
the Ras Tanura port and oil terminal in Saudi
Arabia. The attack resulted in the catastrophic
destruction of the terminal and its capacity to
refine and transport over 4 million barrels of
oil worldwide. Robert Iwakawa, the Times
energy correspondent notes that the Ras
Tanura terminal is perhaps the signal most
important producer and transporter of oil
supplies to major oil consumers such as the
United States, the United Kingdom, France,
Japan, India, China, and South Korea. The
attack occurred in mid-afternoon when the
terminal was at full production. No
organization has yet declared responsibility
for the attack, nor are there any obvious
suspects as the attack was conducted without
any advanced warning.
Transcript of Recorded Transmission from Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of Al
Qaeda terrorist organization: (Released at 1:29pm)
[Begin transmission]
Salaam and well wishes to all of the true followers of the word of Allah and
the Prophet Muhammad. I am addressing you today to denote the joyous
success of our latest attack against the Zionist elements around the world
that continue to intervene in our everyday lives and to murder our friends
and family at an alarming rate. At approximately 12:14pm, Al Qaeda forces
successfully destroyed the Ras Tanura port and oil terminal in the Saudi
empire, eliminating one of the most important oil transport hubs in the
entire world. This attack has struck a tremendous blow to the lifeblood of
the Zionist empire. However, this is only a start to the downfall of Zionism
throughout the Middle East. More attacks are certain to follow and will
strike the deathblow to the American murderous campaigns in Iraq and
Afghanistan as well as to the weak and traitorous nations around the
Middle East.
Go with God my friends and continue the righteous struggle against Zionist
elements around the world.
[End transmission]
Monday, April 9th, 2012
New York—The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a
measure of the performance of the top 100
American corporations, fell more than 900
points at its opening, the largest fall since
similar events on September 11th and at the
start of the 2008 Financial Crisis. The
precipitous drop was in response to the
terrorist attack on the Ras Tanura port and oil
terminal this afternoon in Saudi Arabia. The
NYSE closed on Friday at 13,060.14, but quickly
fell by 932.65 points to 12,127.49 as the market
responded to the news of the attack in Saudi
In addition, the price of oil, which closed at around
$103/barrel on Friday, skyrocketed to nearly
$160/barrel due to massive increases in the
futures of oil supplies and the expected
disruption that will follow the destruction of
critical terminal. In response, gas stations
around the U.S. have already begun to raise
gasoline prices in anticipation of the massive
increase in the price of gas supplies that is
likely to occur within the next few hours.
Breaking News: American
Forces Put on Alert
Riyadh—In response to a
continued potential terror threat
the United States placed their
military forces in the Middle East
on alert. In response to
uncertainty in national security ,
the stock market dropped another
500 points as investors began to
worry about further
repercussions. In addition, the
price of oil moved to near
$180/barrel, raising gas prices to
an average of $5.75/gallon in the
North Korea Rocket Installed on
Launch Pad
Beijing—North Korea is making
final preparations for the launch of
its Unha-3 rocket at the
Tongchang-ri space center. The
North says that the rocket will
launch the Kwangmyongsong-3
(Shining Star) satellite for ‘peaceful
scientific research’ to mark the
anniversary of the birth of Kim IlSung. However, the move has been
criticized as a dangerous and
destabilizing ballistic missile test by
the North’s neighbors.
North Korea Rocket Installed on
Launch Pad
The United States, Japan, and South
Korea have all condemned the
move, saying any missile would
contravene United Nations
sanctions aimed at curbing the
North’s missile program. China, the
North’s main ally, has urged
restraint. In response to the test,
Japan has deployed missile batteries
in central Tokyo and Prime Minister
Yoshihko Noda has given the green
light to shoot down the rocket if it
threatens Japan’s territory.
Climb, so do Tensions Among Consumers
Monday, April 9th, 2012
Atlanta—As gas prices have more than
doubled in a matter of an hour after the
devastating terrorist attack on the Ras
Tanura port and oil terminal in Saudi
Arabia, gas consumers across the United
States have begun to line up in a mad
dash to fill up their tanks full of gas out
of fear that gas supplies will quickly run
out sometime today.
In Atlanta, Georgia, lines have begun to
stretch for miles outside many of the
city’s gas stations, creating a massive toll
on the supply of gasoline from major
ports in Texas and Louisiana. While
consumers have remained relatively
calm and organized, tensions have
begun to rise as this current gas crisis
occurs in the middle of many city’s rush
Gas shortages have also been reported all
around the world. In the photo to the
left, gas rationing has already begun in
most of Turkey and the rest of the
Middle East.
Breaking News: Scattered Reports Indicate
Major Blast at Largest Oil Pipeline in Middle East
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—At approximately 1:50pm
EST, scattered reports indicated that the
East-West oil pipeline that carries oil across
the Arabian peninsula from the Persian Gulf
to the Red Sea was attacked and destroyed
in an apparent terrorist attack. The attack
occurred following the recent strike against
the Ras Tanura oil refinery and port on the
other side of the Arabian peninsula. While
no group has claimed responsibility for the
attack, media outlets in the region have
assumed that the attack was the work of Al
The attack comes at a particularly tense time for
the global energy and financial markets and
will likely impact both in the coming hours.
The destruction of this critical pipeline
makes it increasingly more difficult to
transport oil from the Persian Gulf to foreign
exporters such as the United States, Europe,
China, and Japan. In addition, the attack
makes other oil transit points around the
world and facilities even more important.
Breaking News: Gas Supplies begin to
Dwindle; Minor Skirmishes Reported
Monday, April 9th, 2012
Atlanta—The situation that we reported on
roughly a half hour ago has grown
progressively worse. Consumers continue
to flock to gas stations all over the United
States and the world, resulting in long
lines and shortened tempers. However, as
gasoline supplies begin to dwindle, minor
protests and fights have begin to occur.
Roughly 40-50% of all American gas
stations have reported that they are at or
near running completely out of gasoline.
In Sacramento, California for example, 200
out of 380 gas stations have closed due to
low gas supplies. At one gas station in
particular, consumers began to push each
other and throw rocks and other items at
each other in order to obtain the final few
gallons of gasoline. Such scenes are likely
to become commonplace across the
United States and the world as oil
supplies attempt to return to pre-attack
News Update: Greeks Protest Against Austerity Measures
and Demand Withdrawal from the EURO market
In addition, protests arise in Spain, Portugal, and Ireland
Athens—Meeting this morning, the
Greek Parliament voted against new
critical austerity measures that would
help to stave off economic difficulties
associated with the energy crisis. Public
riots over the austerity measures, which
include cuts to social spending and
raises in taxes, have started in
Athens—protestors have begun to
demand for Greece’s withdrawal from
the EURO market in response.
Riots have also broken out in Spain,
Portugal, and Ireland, where similar
economic austerity measures are being
considered in response to the most
recent crisis.
Breaking News: U.S. Releases oil
supplies from Strategic Oil Reserve
Monday, April 9th, 2012
• Houston, TX—The United States has
begun a full release of oil from the
strategic oil reserve, introducing
around 350 million barrels of oil into
the American refinery system. This
announcement has helped to quell
some fears and to reduce hoarding
at gas stations. However, this is
clearly only a temporary solution as
these supplies will only last for 1-2
months if the United States cannot
secure a more permanent supply of
oil now that Saudi Arabia’s capacity
has quickly decreased in recent
Breaking News: Security Forces
Around the World on Alert
Monday, April 9th, 2012
• Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—
Security forces for each
respective nation around the
world have begun to secure oil
transportation locations and
production facilities on their
own. However, these efforts
are clearly not in conjunction
with each other and risks
competition and even
confrontation between them if
action is not taken to address
this problem collectively.
Breaking News: Terrorists Attack
and Set Fire to Major Oil Fields in
Saudi Arabia and Iraq
Monday, April 9th, 2012
Riyadh, June 24th—At precisely 2:12EST,
terrorist elements attacked and set fire to
several major oil fields in both Saudi Arabia
and Iraq. In Saudi Arabia, the terrorists set
fire to the two largest oil fields (Al-Ghawar
and Khurays oilfields). In Iraq, the terrorists
set fire to the two largest oil fields there
(Karkuk and Majnun).
At this time, emergency officials are attempting
to put out the fires so that oil production
can continue as soon as possible. However,
oil field fires, like those seen during the Iraqi
invasion of Kuwait in 1991, tend to burn on
for several days before fire fighters are able
to gain an upper hand. Such a delay is likely
to affect the global price of oil as well as to
create panic around the world over the
continued shortage of gasoline supplies.
For Internal Use Only
Location of Oil Fields
• Production facilities in
each location have
been severely
compromised and
massive oil fires are
burning uncontrollably.
• The loss of production
from these locations
will likely exacerbate
the current situation.
Breaking News: American Forces Deployed
in Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—American
military forces have begun to be
dispatched to Saudi Arabia presumably
in response to the recent terror attacks
there. However, it appears these
deployments were conducted without
the permission of the Saudi
government. Along these lines, Saudi
Arabia has began mobilizing its security
forces to response to the American
unilateral deployments and has opened
discussion of a international reaction at
the UN Security Council.
News Update: Meeting of OPEC Nets Major Success for Strott
OPEC Ministers Agree to Increase the Supply of Refined Oil Into Global Markets
Vienna—At a meeting of oil ministers from
most of the largest oil producers in the
world, including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria,
Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, and special
guests Canada and Mexico, of a vote of
11-1 (of voting members), OPEC has
announced that they will immediately
increase the production of refined oil
worldwide to help alleviate the current
energy crisis. This decision was achieved,
in part, by the efforts of the US trade
representative who made a stirring speech
to the body and helped to convince many
of the ministers to increase their oil output.
In response, the price of oil decreased
from $184/barrel to $150/barrel on the
Assad Regime Launches Massive Attack
Against Civilians in and around Damascus
Damascus—The Assad regime has
ordered a massive strike against
opposition movements and
civilians in and around the city of
Damascus, the capitol of Syria. This
act is just one of a string of recent
attacks against civilians there,
however, these most recent events
represent a clear escalation on the
part of the Assad regime to try to
quash the opposition movements
there. Thus far, the estimated
causality rate of this most recent
attack is around 10,000 people, but
is rapidly increasing.
North Korean Rocket Shot Down
By Japanese Missile Defenses
Tokyo–Japanese missile defenses shot down
North Korea’s Unha-3 rocket, launched from
its Tongchang-ri space center earlier today,
as the missile approached Japanese air
space. The North has denounced the action
as a ‘violation of Korean sovereignty’ and as
an ‘act of war.’ Japan claims that the rocket
posed a direct threat to their territory, while
the North insists that the missile was clearly
in international air-space at the time it was
shot down and that the Japanese violated
international law in order to destroy the
missile. Both Japan and South Korea are
making preparations for any retaliation by
the North.
Syrian Military Makes Move
Against Capital
Damascus—In what appears to
be a potential game-changing
move, large portions of the
Syrian military have begun to
circle the Syrian capital in clear
defiance of the Assad regime,
potentially signaling a change in
the prevailing nostrum of the
military elite. In response, the
Damascus police-force in
conjunction with Assad’s
personal security force have
begun to mobilize in an effort to
thwart the military’s actions.
Situation Escalates in
Damascus—The situation in the
Syrian capital has grown worse
with the passage of time. As
Syrian military and Assad police
and security elements fight all
across the city, hundreds of
civilians have already been killed
and several hundred more have
been injured. At this point, it is
unclear whether the military
effort will be effective at
breaking through into the
downtown area where the
Presidential palace stands.
Breaking News: Major Tornado Outbreak
Hits Near St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO—A major seasonal
outbreak of tornadoes has struck in
and around the city of St. Louis. So
far, at least 2 EF-5 tornadoes have
been reported in the Western
suburbs of the city, causing massive
destruction and at least 23 deaths
and countless injuries thus far. State
and local authorities have begun to
respond, but the overwhelming
nature of the damage might require
a federal response as the Governor
of Missouri has declared a state of
emergency in 7 counties in East
Missouri, with more to likely follow.
Breaking News: National State of
Emergency Declared; Citizens Concerned
Washington D.C.—The Federal
Government has declared a ‘state of
emergency’ in response to an
apparent domestic terror threat. As
part of this declaration, national
guard forces have been dispatched
to a variety of locations, including
several oil production facilities in
and around Houston and Port
Arthur, TX as well as nuclear power
plants across the nation. In addition,
the current terror level is level
orange, or ‘high.’
Strott Administration flip-flops on
Keystone XL Pipeline
Washington, DC—in a clear reversal
of policy, the Strott Administration
has removed all objections to the
construction of the controversial
Keystone XL Pipeline. Wolf Blitzer
reports that the deal was reached
after the Canadian government
placed a great deal of pressure on
the administration in order to sustain
Canadian oil sales to the U.S. In
addition, the announcement resulted
in major protests outside of the
White House and has been heavily
criticized by a large portion of
supporters for the current
European Central Bank Agrees to
Additional Bailout of Greek Economy
Frankfurt—The European Central Bank (ECB)
has agreed to an additional bailout of the
Greek economy. The bailout, however, is
conditional on several factors—the Greek
government must begin a discussion of
additional austerity measures as soon as
possible, the ECB will adjust the inflation
target range for Greece and other EUROzone economies to 3%-4%, and that the
United States and China contribute partly to
the bailout. The EURO increased by 7% on
the news of the bailout and the hint at a
move towards stability in the EUROzone.
Bashar al-Assad, leader of Syria,
Killed in Blast in Damascus
Damascus—The former
president of Syria, Bashar alAssad, has been killed in an
explosion in central
Damascus. The cause of the
explosion is unknown at this
time, but the leader had
been forced to flee the
Presidential palace moments
before as the Syrian military
approached. It is unknown
who will take charge in Syria
in the leaders’ absence.
Assad Captured;
Military Assumes Control in Syria
Damascus—The former
president of Syria, Bashar alAssad, has been captured by
the Syrian military and is
being held in a highlyguarded bunker on the
outskirts of Damascus. In
addition, the commander of
Syrian military forces, Gen.
Ahmad Hijazi, has
unilaterally assumed control
over Syria, bringing an end to
the violence that has been
ongoing for the last year.