The Growth of Judaism

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The Growth of Judaism
Growth of Judaism
During their time in exile, the Israelite
religion became known as Judaism
– Forced to live in a foreign land
Growth of Judaism
While in Babylon, Jews met on the
– weekly day of worship
These meetings took place at
– Jewish houses of worship
Why Did Jews Return to Judah?
In the 500s BC, the Persians conquered
the Chaldeans and took over Babylon
 The Persian king allowed Jews to return to
 Some went back and rebuilt the temple
Why Did Jews Return to Judah?
Jews then wrote the five book of the
Torah (writings of Moses) on parchment
– sewed them together
– these and other writings would become the
Hebrew Bible
What Is in the Hebrew Bible?
Includes the 5 books of the Torah and 34
other books
– Describes events in Jewish history
The Jews Look to the Future
Parts of the Bible described God’s plan for
a peaceful future
The Jews believed that evil and suffering
would eventually be replaced by goodness
The Jews and the Greeks
In 334 BC, Alexander the
Great began taking over
kingdoms around the
In 331, he defeated the
Persians and Judah came
under his control
– Alexander introduced the
Greek language and Greek
ways to Judah
The Jews and the Greeks
Jews that were outside of Judah were
known as the Diaspora (Greek for
– They learned the Greek language and copied
the Bible into Greek
 This helped spread Jewish ideas to the non-Jewish
Who were the Maccabees?
In 168 BC, a Greek
Ruler name Antiochus
controlled Judah
– Tried to force Jews to
worship Greek gods
and goddesses
Who were the Maccabees?
Under command of a priest names Judas
Maccabeus, an army of Jews forced the
Greeks out of Egypt.
– They rid Judah of all gods and goddesses
Made the temple a worship place for the God of Israel
 Today, Jews celebrate Hanukkah to remember the
cleansing of the temple
The Jews and Romans
In 63 BC, the Romans took over Judah
– Renamed it Judaea
They allowed Jewish rulers to run Judaea
(at first)
The Rule of King Herod
Herod was the king
who ruled Judaea
when Jesus was born
– Known for his cruelty
After he died, the
Romans replaced
Herod with Roman
The Rule of King Herod
One group of Jews was known as the
– They taught the Torah and how to apply it to
everyday life
The Rule of King Herod
Another group, the Sadducees, were more
concerned with how the Torah applied to
Jewish Revolts
During the AD 60s, Jewish hatred for
Romans was at its peak
A groups of Jews known as the Zealots
revolted and drove the Romans out of
Jewish Revolts
4 years later, the Romans retook the city
– They destroyed the temple
 The Western Wall is all that remains today
Jewish Revolts
The Jews revolted again in 132 AD, but
were shut down easily
– The Romans then forbade Jews from living or
even visiting Jerusalem
– They renamed it Palestine
Jewish Teachers
The Jews no longer had priests, but
instead they had rabbis
– Teachers of the Torah
Many rabbis founded Torah schools in
order pass on its teachings
In 1948 Palestine was divided and a new
nation called Israel was created