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Company White Paper Presentation
Semantic Information Router
Profium Ltd.
Swapna Oundhakar
Company Overview
Provider of cutting-edge content
management solutions
 Based in Espoo, Finland, in Copenhagen,
Denmark and in Sophia Antipolis, France
 Customers - Kauppalehti Online, DNA
Finland, Elonet Movie Portal
 Provides training related to content
management projects to IBM, SUN, HEX,
Accenture etc.
Profium SIR - Semantic Information Router
– The perfect tool for building high-end content
management solutions
– An easy way to extract, receive and store XML in
relational database
– A real-time portfolio management system using fixed or
mobile networks.
Profium RDF parser in Java
– A module for importing RDF/XML (metadata) and
parsing, querying and manipulating this data
Profium SIR
Metadata based Content Management and
Management of static and dynamic
information flows (from real-time to
Automated or manual Metadata extraction
Automated routing to mobile and fixed
Any Content
Content Object is fed to Profium SIR
Metadata is extracted automatically
Transformed to standardized RDF
Content has to be structured like XML
Metadata can be extracted automatically
from text files
But for image, audio and video files,
metadata has to be input manually
Right Content, Right Place, Right Time
After extracting metadata Profium SIR
stores it to its database
 Content Object can remain in the original
location or can be stored in database
 A specific metadata field stored in Profium
SIR indicates where content object is
 By exploiting the metadata the right
content object can be delivered to the
right place at the right time
Instead of content object, queries
address the metadata
 Profium SIR provides 3 kinds of
– Interactive Queries
– Timed Queries
– Persistent Queries
Interactive Queries
User defines case by case what kind
of content objects he wants
 Example
– Content object authored by a specific
Timed Queries
Enables time based push of content
of desired kind to desired device
 Example
– Textual or visual representation of stock
price development in real time reported
every 30 minutes as an SMS message to
a GSM phone
Persistent Queries
Fetches and delivers content to a
desired device when defined kinds of
metadata enter the system
 Example
– Notification of an antivirus software
about new updates to download
System Architecture
Detailed Description
Profium SIR 3.0 is a metadata based platform for
content management
 Content objects and metadata enter the SIR system
through different input mechanisms and are
processed by content handlers according to their
content types and descriptions
 Input can be Content Object(of any format)
only,Metadata or Content Object + Metadata
Input Mechanism
Input mechanisms are HTTP(posting and
query),ICE(Information Content Exchange
Protocol),Watched Folder(Data from the
directory are polled and passed on to input
for processing) and Java APIs
Content Handler
Content handler is available for RDF,XML
file,Adobe XMP(Acrobat 5.0,InDesign
2.0,Illustrator 10),MP3 Audio,Reuters News,Dow
Jones Newswire,STT(Finnish News
Agency),Helsinki Stock Exchange(HEX) and
Microsoft Office
 Customized content handlers can be developed.
Metadata Engines and RDF Metadata
SIR includes Dublin Core and PRISM
Metadata schemas
 Customized metadata schemas can
be developed
Metadata Engines and RDF Metadata
Each content object managed by SIR
is described with a set of metadata.
 Its metadata is transformed and
stored as a unique,environment
independent and internationally
recognized internal metadata
model,The Resource Description
Framework(RDF) a W3C standard
Real time and batch mode
processing of queries concerning the
content stored in the SIR database
can be conducted based on Metadata
 Queries could be immediate,timed or
Different metadata and content can
be output in different formats to
various devices(multi-channel) such
as web browsers and e-mail
 With the output API it is possible to
create custom modules to present
content and metadata managed by
SIR to the end user
Create once,publish anywhere,find always
Avoid manual indexing
Enable new content delivery channels and
business models
Enable automated content management
Boost digital asset utilisation
Integrate easily with existing
Ensure compatibility with Semantic Web
Capability to process different content
 Multi channel distribution:email,Web,WAP,SMS/GSM
 Advanced query and notification
 Automated content processing based on
Metadata extraction from various content
Metadata configurable to different
business environments
Metadata model based on RDF, a W3C
Automated content adaptation for various
presentation formats
Integration to authoring environments and
enterprise applications
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