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Eating Disorder
Chapter 4.2
Video – Starving for Control
 Do the images show a narrow range of body shapes
and sizes?
 Are the females in the images taller and thinner than
typical teenage girls?
 Are the males in the images taller and more muscular
than typical teenage boys?
 Are there stories about people who are dieting, bulking
up, or getting a makeover?
 Does the magazine make you feel dissatisfied with
your body?
Write a short paragraph summarizing what you learned.
How did looking at the images affect you?
Mental disorder that reveals itself
through abnormal behaviors related to
More than just food
Emotions, thoughts, and attitudes
What types of eating disorders have you
heard about?
Anorexia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder
 What is the first thing that comes to mind when I
say the word THANKSGIVING?
 Can be a source of anxiety
 Does not eat enough food to maintain a healthy
body weight
 Normal appetite & hunger pains
 Symptoms
 Extreme weight loss
 Slowed heart and breathing rates
 Dry skin
 Fine body hair
 Loss of menstrual period
 90% of all cases are female
 Health Risks-Addiction
 See themselves as fat
 Work harder to lose weight
 Excessive exercise or diet
 Lack of essential minerals
causes heart to suddenly
 Possible Causes
 Usually a good student
 Lack of a certain chemical
that regulates mood
 Low self-esteem
 Troubled relationships
 A person with a parent or
sibling with an eating
disorder are far likelier to
develop one themselves
First treated in hospitals
Doctors, nurses, and dietitians
Stop weight loss and change eating
Mental health experts
Correct emotional problems
Family help
Go on uncontrolled eating binges
followed by purging, or removing, the
food from their bodies
Usually 2 times a week for 3
months to be bulimia
90 to 95% of cases are female
Too much food too quickly
Bathroom visits right after eating
 Health Risks
 Maintain normal body weight
 Dehydration causing kidney damage
 Lack of vitamins and minerals
 Stomach acid
 Inflames or causes tears in the throat
 Erodes teeth enamel
 Depression and suicide
 Vomiting can decrease heart rate which
weakens the heart causing failure
Possible Causes
Use food to feel better
emotionally (relieve feelings of
depression) then purge in order to
not gain weight
Low self-esteem
Troubled relationships
Aware but unable to control behavior
Too ashamed to seek help
Offer private support
Encourage to seek help from mentalhealth expert
Psychotherapy, antidepressants, and
nutritional counseling
Venn Diagram
Learning Log
Possible Causes, Treatments,
Symptoms, & Health Risks
Binge Eating
 Regularly have an uncontrollable urge to eat
large amounts of food
 Don’t not purge or binge
 Can’t stop eating once full
 Intention to eat 2 slices of bread and end up
eating the whole loaf
 Used for coping with stress, depression, or
Binge Eating
Health Risks
Excess weight gain
Unhealthy diet
High blood pressure
Try extreme weight loss diets
Fad diets
Hunger causes more bingeing
Yo-yo effect
Binge Eating
 Possible Causes
 Never properly learned how to deal with
 Avoid dealing with emotions or stressful
 Food provides temporary relief but can lead
to guilt or depression
 Family that tends to overeat
 Treatment
 Eat more slowly and deliberately
 Address underlying emotional problems
Learning Log
Quick Write
Pick one of the eating disorders we just
learned about and write a ½ - 1 page
description of what you think your day
would be like with the eating disorder.
Please include the stresses or emotions
that you think you would feel, the guilt
or shame from hiding it from friends
and loved ones, the hunger pains from
not eating, etc…
 Eating disorder – mental disorder that reveals itself
through abnormal behaviors related to foods
 Anorexia Nervosa – eating disorder in which a person
does not at enough food to maintain a healthy body
 Bulimia – an eating disorder in which a person goes on
uncontrollable eating binges followed by purging, or
removing, the food from their bodies
 Binge Eating – having an uncontrollable urge to eat
large amounts of food