Some advantages of non-renewable energy are

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Transcript Some advantages of non-renewable energy are

Polar bear
I will talk to you today
about energy and global
Energy has the ability to make things happen ,cause changes and
carry out work. Any change in the universe,from a tiny meteorite
hitting a planet to an exploding star ,means that energy is busy .In
daily life ,energy is all around us in many different forms.light and
sound energy travail through air waves. Heat is a form known as
thermal energy .movement energy or motion is also known as
kinetic energy. Objects even have energy because of there place
or position this is called potential energy. A bolder on a hill top has
potential energy because gravity tries to pull it down as the bolder
rolls down the hill the potential energy terns in to kinetic energy .
Energy is all around us presented in
different forms and and changing from
one form to another with out energy
our world would be completely
cold,dark,still and silent .
Energy forms are either potential or kinetic.
Potential energy comes in forms that are stored
including — chemical, gravitational,
mechanical, and nuclear. Kinetic energy forms
are doing work — like electrical, heat, light,
motion, and sound.
We use loads of energy in our houses , in work , in
industry , and for personal travel and transporting
things .
!!!!!!!!There are 2 types of energy !!!!!!!!
Renewable !!!
Renewable energy
sources including
biomass, hydropower,
geothermal, wind and
solar provide 7% of
the energy used in the
UK. Most renewable
energy goes to
producing electricity
around the world .
Non-renewable !!!
About 93% of the energy
consumed in the UK comes from
non-renewable energy sources,
which include fossil fuels —
coal,green house gases, and
petroleum.which causes a lot or
Eco problems throughout the
Advantages of renewable
energy !
Advantages of nonrenewable energy!
Some advantages of renewable energy
are :
Some advantages of non-renewable
energy are :
it doesn't harm the environment .
its easy to find.
it is lower costs than fossil flues.
its widely available.
Disadvantages of renewable
energy !
Disadvantages of non renewable
energy !
Some disadvantages of renewable energy
Some disadvantages of non-renewable energy
that with solar and wind energy you need
sun and wind and if the weather is neither
sunny of windy then it is useless.
that it is no good for our environment.
Transporting coal and oil causes pollution.
In 2008, 79% of UK carbon dioxide emissions came from the use of coal and petroleum fuels.
Energy sources have different impacts and affects on the environment.
Some of these affects may include emissions, waste on land and water .
The energy sources we use to make electricity can be renewable or nonrenewable, but electricity itself is neither renewable nor non-renewable.
Fire was civilisation's first great energy invention, and wood was the
main fuel for ages.
the burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal cause greenhouse gases to
escape into the air and that these gases are causing most of the warming.
Another cause is deforestation (cutting down trees). Trees soak up carbon
dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases, from the air.
"Global warming" refers to the increase of the Earth's average surface
temperature, due to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
"Climate change" is a broader term that refers to long-term changes in
climate, including average temperature and precipitation (rain).
Here are some pictures of the consequences
of what is happening around the world due
to the use of fossil flues and non renewable