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Tibial plateau fractures. (A) Cross-table lateral view of the knee reveals lipohemarthrosis, with fat (black arrow) and blood (white arrow), indicative of an
intra-articular fracture. (B) Oblique view reveals a comminuted and depressed fracture of the lateral tibial plateau. The lateral tibial plateau fragment is
depressed and displaced laterally. Note subtle extension of the fracture plane to the medial tibial plateau (white arrow) consistent with a Schatzker type IV
fracture. Also note the associated fibular head fracture (black arrow). (C) Coronal CT image in another patient shows a comminuted cleavage fracture of
the lateral tibial plateau with depression, consistent with a Schatzker type II fracture.
Source: Musculoskeletal, Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology
Citation: Elsayes KM, Oldham SA. Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology; 2015 Available at: Accessed: April 06, 2017
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