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Week 7
Meet the Word
Divide and Conquer…Word Spokes
Day 1
• Brainstorm words containing the word part “port”.
• Add additional spokes as needed.
• Where have you seen these words?
Record the word part and its meaning
in your personal journal.
Day 1
means “carry”
Day 2 –Combine and Create
Brainstorm with a partner how these words connect to
the meaning of the word part “port”.
Day 2: Words and Meanings
• Import: To bring(carry) items in from another
country for sale
• Airport: A track of land used for sending and
carrying passengers at regularly scheduled
• Portal: an entrance, gateway, or doorway,
especially one that is large and impressive
(carry you from place to another)
Day 2: Words and Meanings
• Passport: a document of identification
required by law to be carried by persons
residing or traveling within a country
• Transport: to carry or move from one place to
Day 3 – Vocabulary Boxes
Word like it
Picture or example
Students will create a text box for each vocabulary word.
Day 4 – Combine & Create
• 1.Using the word part “port” which means “aside,
apart”, make up your own word.
• 2.Include a definition for the word.
• 3.Use the new word in a sentence.
• 4.Be ready to share the new word!
• EXAMPLE WORD: – (n) portashirt – a shirt that is
carried along with you just in case you get the
one your wearing dirty.
• EXAMPLE SENTENCE: My portashirt came in
handy when I spilled gravy on myself.
Day 5: Illustrate the word
• Choose one of the 5 words that we have
covered in class and draw that word.
• Make sure it is colorful
• Be prepared to share your picture!